Gun Control Legislation Takes Shape In Iowa!

They say that bad news comes in threes, and when it comes to gun control legislation being proposed here in Iowa, this has certainly proven true this past week.

You see, late last week, the radical anti-gun elements in the Iowa House proposed three separate pieces of legislation, all of which were designed to eradicate your right to keep and bear arms.

I need you to take a moment to read this email, and then take action!

House File 70
, is a ban on the transfer of magazines that can hold more than a certain arbitrary amount.

This bill has 4 cosponsors, has been introduced in the House Judiciary Committee, and would make you a convicted felon for so much as giving a magazine out of your Glock 19 to your son or daughter!

This legislation, banning the transfer of these items, is of course the first step in what will undoubtedly become an outright confiscation of these items.

House File 76
, would likewise ban the transfer virtually all modern sporting rifles.

Referred to as “assault weapons,” these firearms are used by thousands of Iowans to hunt with, engage in recreational shooting, and ultimately, for personal defense.

This legislation, which has 4 cosponsors, would make you a convicted felon for life, and would see you serve up to 10 years in a State Penitentiary and pay a ten thousand dollar fine for daring to give, sell, or loan one of these firearms to anyone…even your own children!

House File 77
, Universal BackGround Checks, is Michael Bloomberg’s signature legislative goal for America.

This legislation, being proposed as a “common-sense measure,” is actually state-wide gun registry in disguise!

By making guns and gun owners subject to federal background checks, they are creating a list of every gun and every gun owner in the state.

And as gun owners know, gun registration is ALWAYS the first step towards outright confiscation!

And as an aggravated misdemeanor, this would make you a CONVICTED FELON for having the “gall” to give a family heirloom firearm to your children or grandchildren without first getting government permission and approval.

Make no mistake, what it means when legislation uses the phrase “aggravated misdemeanor” as a penalty.

In Iowa, an aggravated misdemeanor involving firearms carry two-year jail sentences – thus triggering the federal definition of a felony, because you have served more than one year in jail.

So again, the gun control movement here in Iowa wants to put you in prison for YEARS, and leave you a convicted felon for simply handing down firearms to your descendants or loaning them to a friend.

All of these bills have been introduced into the Iowa House, and are active now!

And while the future of these bills is unknown, gun owners would do well to understand the subtlety of what is going on here.

Radical gun control activists understand this and it’s important that you do as well: they never quit!

Whether their bills are assured of success, assured of defeat, or somewhere in between, gun control activists never cease trying to test our resolve.

So you and I can never fail to rise to the occasion, we can never take anything for granted, we need to stay mobilized , and we must be ready to pounce on any legislation that would undermine our right to keep and bear arms.

So it is vital that you act quickly to ensure their swift destruction today!

After all, Judiciary Committee Chairman Chip Baltimore REFUSED to sign the 2014 Iowa Gun Owners’ candidate survey where we asked him if he would stand up for your gun rights and vote “No” on bills just like this!

His silence on this issue…is deafening.

So please, take a moment today to contact your representative and make sure he or she knows that you expect them to oppose this radical legislative agenda at every turn!

Then take a moment to send this email to every pro-gun friend that you have – get them involved in this critical fight to defend our rights!

While you’re at it, please take a moment to “Like” the Iowa Gun Owners Facebook page.

Legislation in Iowa moves very quickly, sometimes faster than we can deploy these state-wide emails.

By “Liking” the Iowa Gun Owners Facebook page, you’ll get up-to-the-minute notices on the threats facing your right to keep and bear arms.

Thank you for all you do in defending the right to keep and bear arms here in Iowa.

I’ll keep you updated as to the status of these pieces of legislation.

But again, please contact your representatives right away

 For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Late last week, radical gun control activists in the Iowa House introduced 3 aggressive pieces of gun control into the Iowa House.

House file 70, House File 76, and House file 77 (the details of which are discussed above) constitute one of the most dangerous attacks on our gun rights, from a legislative angle, that we have ever seen in Iowa.

Bans on the transfer of “high capacity” magazines, a ban on the transfer of many semi-automatic weapons and a state-wide gun registration mandate – -all of this is being proposed in the Iowa House!

While we do not believe these bills are going to have a lot of success in the legislature, it’s important that we take nothing for granted.

So please take a moment, TODAY, to contact your representative and make sure he or she knows that you expect them to vote “NO” on these pieces of legislation!