Gun Owners: Where Should We Fight in 2015?


That was the headline of a recent article appearing in the Washington Times stating that “gun control groups have turned more to state and local levels to try for legislative successes.”

And a spokesman for Bloomberg said they could be involved in legislative fights in as many as 20 states

I guess I could just sit back and hope there’s enough strong-backboned, pro-gun patriots in our General Assembly to fend off any attacks should Iowa become a target of Bloomberg’s millions.

But I’m afraid that could be a recipe for DISASTER — especially considering the fact that — as the first-in-the-nation caucus state — Iowa has long been salivated over by the gun-grabbers.

The bad news is — after conducting such a massive election year program in 2014 — I’m afraid Iowa Gun Owners’ bank account is running low.

Without a MASSIVE influx of funds, I could be forced to make cuts to our critical programs!

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action and advice.

As you’ll see, I’ve included a special Iowa Gun Owners Member Directive below. Won’t you please fill it out and submit it IMMEDIATELY?

As I briefly explained, the Bloomberg threat is one I just can’t take lightly — especially after I’ve seen Bloomberg RAM gun control into law in several states with total Republican control in recent years.

Here in Iowa, anti-gun radical Mike Gronstal is still calling the shots in the Iowa Senate — even after many “experts” thought the anti-gun majority in the Iowa Senate would be over after November 2014.

I’m afraid that fact alone has emboldened many gun-grabbers

And gun-grabbers are still touting poorly-worded polls claiming 90% of Americans support passage of so-called “universal background checks.”

As you and I both know, that’s nothing more than code for GUN REGISTRATION

As a former cop, I can tell you the ONLY way such a scheme could be enforced is if the government keeps track of every gun and gun owner in the state!

So if you think standing up to any anti-gun assaults that rear their ugly heads during the next session of the Iowa General Assembly should be our top priority, please check-mark ‘FIGHT BLOOMBERG’S ANTI-GUN SCHEMES’ on the petition.

But before you do, I need to ask you a question.

Did you know that there are only 12 states in the country with more restrictive gun laws than we have here in Iowa?

That’s not my statistic.

That’s according to Guns & Ammo Magazine’s annual “Best States for Gun Owners” ranking

I want so badly to see this changed!

But the truth is, that’s never going to happen unless you and I EXPOSE the gun-grabbers by forcing public, roll-call votes in BOTH houses of the Iowa General Assembly on tough pro-gun bills.

You see, few politicians dare to campaign as anti-gun, even President Obama claims to believe in the Second Amendment!

But once elected, these politicians work behind the scenes to kill pro-gun bills before they even come up for a vote.

We cannot allow this to continue.

That’s why it’s critical you and I force votes in BOTH houses of the Iowa General Assembly on two critical pieces of legislation, including:

1) Constitutional Carry.

If passed, this critical piece of legislation would restore the right of law-abiding Iowa citizens to carry a firearm to protect themselves WITHOUT going through a bunch of bureaucratic rigmarole or paying expensive fees.

2) Stand Your Ground.

If passed, this legislation would empower law-abiding Iowans with the ability to protect themselves against criminal attack without fear of being targeted by an anti-gun prosecutor.

Just forcing these votes puts you and me in a win/win situation.

Either we’ll get the votes to pass our bills — OR we’ll EXPOSE the gun-grabbers in both parties.

As we saw nationally in 2014, whenever gun-grabbers are exposed, they pay a big price at the ballot box

So if you think going on offense with Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground should be Iowa Gun Owners’ top priority, please select ‘EXPOSE THE GUN-GRABBERS’ on your Membership Directive.

But please consider everything else that’s at stake in 2015 here in Iowa.

For months already, potential presidential candidates have been busy touring Iowa, and you and I know that’s only going to increase in the months ahead.

After all the anti-gun threats we’ve seen from President Obama and Congress in recent years, I think it’s never been more important that every candidate who sets foot in Iowa is forced to pledge 100% support for the Second Amendment.

And any candidates that REFUSE must be called to the carpet

So if you think holding presidential candidates in BOTH parties accountable should be Iowa Gun Owners’ top priority, please check ‘EXPOSE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES’ on your Member Directive.

I’m sure you can see why I’m so torn.

There just aren’t any easy options.

The truth is, I’d rather do anything else than be forced to hold back on any of these fights with the gun-grabbers

But I have to face facts.

As it stands today, I just don’t have the resources.

That’s why I’m counting on you to tell me where to focus.

So won’t you please complete the Iowa Gun Owners Membership Directive right away?

Of course, when you do so, you’ll notice there is one more option that I haven’t yet mentioned.


This is the option I’m hoping you’ll

But before you do, please understand just how serious this is.

Without a massive influx of funds, I won’t be able to run a full mobilization effort on even ONE of the critical programs I told you about.

So if you want Iowa Gun Owners to go all out in all three areas, I simply must be able to count on your generosity today.

In fact, my hope is that you will agree to a generous gift of $100 right away.

I know that’s a lot. I know I’m asking you to stretch.

But Iowa Gun Owners’ members and supporters have never let me down before.

As a result, there’s no organization that politicians in Iowa fear more than Iowa Gun Owners.

But the work you and I have ahead of us in 2015 is some of the most important in our history.

So if $100 is just too much, will you please agree to $75 or at least $35?

With time running out before the General Assembly convenes, I simply must hear from you right away.

So please don’t delay.

Please fill out your Iowa Gun Owners Membership Ballot  along with your most generous contribution of $100, $50 or at least $30 right away.

I’m anxiously awaiting your response.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Without a massive influx of funds, I’m going to be forced to make severe cuts in Iowa Gun Owners’ most critical programs.

So I need you to tell me where to focus.

Please fill out your Membership Directive and return it to me along with your most generous gift of $100, $50 or at least $30 TODAY!