Gun Rights Battle Starts Tomorrow in Des Moines!

It all starts tomorrow!

The 2019 legislative session starts tomorrow, and with it, our fight to defend and expand the Second Amendment will go into overdrive.

And while we’re going to be focusing heavily on passing Constitutional Carry law, it’s imperative that we stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, too.

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment to sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you below. More on that in a moment.

‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation is going to prove to be the gun control battle of our era, like the ‘Clinton gun ban’ was in the 90’s.

Rather than try to ban a specific firearm or accessory, gun grabbers are now trying to crush the 2nd, 4th, and 6TH Amendment all at once by allowing your firearms to be seized before you’ve been charged or convicted of anything!

Even more, the hearing to decide whether you’ll lose your guns or not takes place in secret via an ex-parte hearing, which means you’re not even in the room!

This issue is surging here in Iowa with Republican Rep. Matt Windshitl telling Iowa Press that he is reaching ‘across the aisle’ to help him get the 51 votes he needs for House passage.

And with Republicans in neighboring Arkansas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and others all pushing for this in their state capitols — not to mention Republican Senator Marco Rubio sponsoring the bill in D.C. — we are truly going to need all hands on deck to stop it!

So won’t you please take a moment and sign your petition, demanding that Iowa lawmakers oppose this legislation right away?

Of course, we know that we have a lot of generic pro-gun votes in the House and Senate.

But that’s not enough.

Not with the media, leading Republicans, and Bloomberg-backed Democrats working overdrive to find a ‘common sense compromise to deal with gun violence.’

Your lawmakers need to hear from you, to make sure they know that you will hold them accountable if they don’t fight for the Second Amendment at every turn!

This grassroots pressure is how we passed Stand-Your-Ground law in 2017, how we stopped so many gun control bills over the years, and it’s how we’re going to stop ‘red flag gun seizure’ legislation this year!

So again, sign your petition so that your lawmakers know what you expect of them.

And if you haven’t yet joined or renewed your membership in Iowa Gun Owners for 2019, you can do that right here.

Gun rights runs on momentum.

There is a war on against gun owners in Washington D.C. and it is being waged in state capitols all over the country, as well.

If we are not gaining ground in this fight, we are losing ground. It’s that simple.

So please stand with Iowa Gun Owners and let’s make sure that we continue to gain ground, to ensure that we don’t become the next ‘red state’ to fall!

Sign your petition today.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The 2019 legislative session kicks off tomorrow, meaning our fight to stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in Iowa is officially underway!

But this is going to be a battle from start to finish.

So please take a moment to sign your petition, calling on your lawmakers to oppose this bill at every turn!

To join IGO or renew your membership, please go here.

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