Gun Show(s) Video Update!

As we work around the clock in the Capitol trying to advance Stand-Your-Ground law, we’re also working hard to come to as many gun shows as we can.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and other gun owners to make your voices heard!

We need your help.

Liberal media outlets from Council Bluffs to Cedar Rapids are working overtime to kill this legislation with spin, half-truths, and outright lies.

Help us counter this by coming to a gun show near you and signing your petition in support of Stand-Your-Ground law!

To hear the details about these shows, just click below to watch our gun show update video!

In the event that you can’t play the video, we’re coming to gun shows in Davenport, Mason City, and Altoona this weekend — at the same time.

In Altoona we’ll be at the Adventureland Complex from 5pm-9pm on Friday, and Saturday from 9am-5pm.

In Davenport, we’ll be at the County Fairgrounds from 5pm-9pm on Friday, and Saturday from 9am-5pm.

And in Mason City, we’ll be at the North Iowa Events Center Saturday only from 9am–5pm.

As always, at the gun shows you can join Iowa Gun Owners and pick up your FREE T-Shirt!

We’re also going to be passing out thousands of decals, “No Guns – No Money” business cards, and more.

And again, you’ll be able to sign your petition telling your legislators to do their job and support Stand-Your-Ground law for Iowa in 2017!

The weather should be fantastic all weekend — so come on out and get involved in this fight!

If you can’t make it this weekend but would like to join Iowa Gun Owners, please sign up right away!

For Freedom,

Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. As we work to advance Stand-Your-Ground law in Iowa, we need as many petitions supporting this legislation as possible!

That’s why we’re coming to gun shows this weekend in Altoona, Davenport, and Mason City at the same time — to make it easy for you to get involved!

Check out our video with all the details below.

If you want to join Iowa Gun Owners, but can’t make it out this weekend, you can sign up right away by going here.