Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa Gun Owners!

Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa Gun Owners!

We certainly have much to be thankful for here in Iowa, where our gun rights are concerned.

In the wake of several high profile mass shootings over the course of 2019, Republican lawmakers from St. Paul, MN to Springfield, IL to Harrisburg, PA have rushed out to call for sweeping gun control.

For the most part, that hasn’t happened here in Iowa, because of you!

Many ‘red states’ have recently passed (or tried to pass) ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws, too, in a stupid attempt to placate the radical left’s demand for gun control.

Those efforts have failed here in Iowa, despite having the open support of House Majority Leader Matt Windshitl, because of you!

Many radical lawmakers in Des Moines have proposed legislation in the past year that would repeal all of the gains that you and I have made over the last decade, including Shall Issue and Stand-Your-Ground law.

Those bills died a quick death in Des Moines, thanks to you!

You see, what I’m truly thankful for today (where our Second Amendment freedoms are concerned) is the members and supporters of Iowa Gun Owners, a ferocious army of grassroots patriots ready to defend freedom at a moment’s notice!

Thank you for standing up time and time again in support of your Second Amendment freedoms!

But the fight for the Second Amendment is far from over here in Iowa. In fact, our battle to pass Constitutional Carry is about to get white hot once again!

For years now, moderate Republicans in the House have refused to even assign this bill to a sub-committee!

In the Senate, leadership is desperately trying to pretend that they are pro-gun, and so they assign the bill to a sub-committee, only to let the smug Judiciary Committee kill the bill behind closed doors.

We clearly have our work cut out for us, as moderates in Des Moines love to tell us how pro-gun they are at election time, but refuse to fight for gun owners once safely in office.

So please enjoy time with your family and friends today, but please also re-commit yourself to the fight for the Second Amendment by renewing your membership for 2020!

(Remember, all enhanced memberships of $75 or higher come with a newly redesigned IGO T-Shirt, absolutely free!)

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa Gun Owners! Thank you for standing with us in defense of our gun rights in 2019!

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend spending time with your family and friends during this Thanksgiving season.

The next legislative session will be extremely important for gun owners here in Iowa, and we need all hands on deck!

Please make sure that you have renewed your membership for 2020 right away!