Has Your State Rep. Co-Sponsored SAPA in Des Moines?

In just a few weeks, law abiding gun owners across Iowa are going to be faced with an impossible choice: do we turn over our pistol braces and register any firearms made from 80% lower receivers — or do we risk felony charges?  

This isn’t a drill, and it’s not a hypothetical.

That is the hard reality that countless gun owners are going to find themselves in as early as mid-February, thanks to a pair of Executive Orders that Joe Biden signed last year.

You see, gun owners have been fighting to crush the attacks on our gun rights in Congress for over a year now. And while Nancy Pelosi was able to advance several bills through the House, they have all been blocked in the United States Senate.

But that hasn’t stopped Biden’s handlers from advancing gun control through unconstitutional Executive Orders!

Biden’s first order would force gun owners to register any firearms that they have made themselves, using 80% lowers. These firearms are wildly popular with gun owners who enjoy making everything from Colt 1911’s to Ruger 10/22’s in their own homes.

Biden’s second order would force gun owners to surrender pistol braces to the federal government. The braces are widely used and make it easier for people to safely handle AR-15 pistols and similar firearms.

Once these orders are in place, violations of either of these tyrannical orders could leave you facing FELONY CHARGES!

That’s why the Iowa legislature needs to take immediate action on the Second Amendment Preservation Act! And that’s why I hope you will sign your petition today!

The Second Amendment Preservation Act — known as SAPA — would nullify the impact of these Executive Orders by instructing Iowa cops to only enforce gun laws that have been passed by the Iowa legislature!

In other words, SAPA would require Iowa’s troopers, deputies, and city cops to ignore all federal laws and Executive Orders that have anything to do with our gun rights.

It sounds simple, but the impact of SAPA would be massive.

You see, while it may be easy for Biden’s handlers to get him to sign Executive Orders attacking gun owners, the federal government doesn’t have the manpower to enforce it.

The truth is that for these Executive Orders to be used against gun owners, the federal government depends almost entirely on local law enforcement agencies to enforce it!

So if the Iowa legislature enacts the Second Amendment Preservation Act, gun owners like you and me will be largely spared from the impact of Biden’s unconstitutional garbage!

To be very clear, SAPA isn’t just an interesting theory.

Lawmakers in Missouri passed this identical legislation last session, in a fight that was spearheaded by our sister organization. As a result, Missouri law enforcement agencies across the state have ceased enforcing federal gun laws!

Naturally, Biden’s Department of Justice filed suit against Missouri’s SAPA law in a desperate attempt to overturn it and to stop it from spreading across the country.

Thankfully, the DOJ’s arguments were rejected in court. That’s because the United States Constitution clearly allows the states to decide what’s in the best interest of its citizens.

What’s more, when state and federal laws have come into collision, the Supreme Court has ALWAYS held that the federal government may not simply ‘commandeer’ state resources and try to force them to do their bidding!

If you agree, please immediately sign the petition below, urging your State Rep. to co-sponsor this legislation today!

The left knows that they can’t demand enforcement carte blanche, of course. After all, this is the exact same tactic they used in ‘blue’ cities and states when President Trump tried to deport violent illegal aliens who were suspected of committing violent crimes.

‘Blue’ state mayors and governors refused to assist the federal government and offered sanctuary to violent criminals.  Clearly ‘red’ states can do the same thing for law-abiding gun owners like you and me!

To be clear, SAPA legislation is far different than the county-by-county resolutions that are in the news right now. These resolutions are statements of support for the Second Amendment, but they are not binding on local law enforcement.

And the reality is that even when we pass SAPA, we need to be prepared for liberal cities like Des Moines, Iowa City, Waterloo, and others to violate it — because they will try.

That’s what makes IGO’s SAPA law so powerful.

You see, if a police department violates SAPA law and confiscates your pistol brace because a liberal police chief wants to follow Biden’s Executive Orders, you would be able to sue that department in civil court!

And with civil fines starting at $50,000 per occurrence, (like they do in Missouri) the reality is that insurance underwriters will be forcing these agencies to follow the law! 

Some politicians claim that this legislation is ‘anti-cop.’

But nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that SAPA law protects Iowa cops from having to choose between enforcing unconstitutional federal orders or losing their jobs, by simply ordering them to ignore federal gun control laws.

So while I fully expect the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association and other law enforcement lobby entities to oppose SAPA — the reality is that real cops love it!

Simply put: passing SAPA legislation is the best way for us to defang Biden’s Executive Orders and protect our gun rights! SAPA protects gun owners and Iowa cops at the same time. SAPA is doing that right now, in Missouri. Now it’s our turn!  

Representative Jeff Shipley is leading this fight in the General Assembly, now it’s time that your State Representative co-sponsor this bill.

Help us crank up the heat in Des Moines! Sign the petition we have prepared for you, urging your State Rep. to co-sponsor and support SAPA legislation before it’s too late!

But after that, I hope that you’ll make a generous donation so Iowa Gun Owners can really start to put pressure on the moderates who are working behind the scenes to block SAPA.

Gun owners fought for over a decade to make the legislature pass Constitutional Carry law. But these Executive Orders are right around the corner. We don’t have years, we have months!

That’s why Iowa Gun Owners has laid out a plan to inundate the General Assembly with tens of thousands of calls and emails in support of this legislation using a combination of direct mail, digital and radio ads, and our infamous email program!

But we need your help to make this happen. That’s why I hope you’ll include a generous donation of $100 or even $250 after you sign your petition.

It’s a lot, I know. But gun owners are dealing with a mentally frail tyrant and a team of America-hating thugs in Congress who are trying to crush us! And without SAPA, we could all be facing felony charges in just a few months!

So if $250 or $100 is simply not possible, I hope that you will strongly consider $50 or at least $25 so that we can really fight for this legislation.


If Iowa follows in Missouri’s footsteps and passes SAPA legislation, it will not only protect gun owners here in Iowa, it will make it easier for other ‘red’ states to follow suit!

Help us pass SAPA! Please rush me your signed petition and a generous donation right away!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With Biden’s Executive Orders right around the corner, gun owners in Iowa are facing a terrible choice: do we turn in our pistol braces and register firearms that were made from 80% lowers, or risk felony charges?

Iowans need a third option, and that’s why IGO is fighting to pass SAPA legislation in Des Moines. This legislation would order Iowa cops to enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms and accessories — nullifying the impact of Biden’s Executive Orders!

Rep. Jeff Shipley is the lead sponsor of this legislation, but we need to add cosponsors fast! So sign the petition we’ve prepared for you, urging your legislators to co-sponsor this bill!      

And after you do, please help us by making a donation of $150, $50 or at least $25 so we can mobilize tens of thousands of gun owners into supporting this bill!