Help Us BAN Red Flag Laws in Iowa!

Late last month, Congress passed the largest gun control bill of the last thirty years with the support of over two dozen RINO traitors who sided with the Radical Left and voted ‘Yes’.

While Senator Joni Ernst betrayed every gun owner in the state of Iowa, I’m proud to say thanks to the pressure from IGO members, all three of our House Republicans voted the right way.  

Sadly, pressure from gun owners at the national level wasn’t enough to stop this bill, especially with Joni Ernst working so hard to convince other RINOs to vote for it.

S. 2938 was an omnibus gun control bill, meaning Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer loaded it down with as much tyranny as they thought they could pass on the floor. That included:

  • Mandatory waiting periods of up to ten days on the sale of long guns to Americans under age 21. These politicians have no problem with 20-year-olds fighting for our country but believe they can’t be trusted to defend their own families!
  • Language that targets kids in school as being ‘mentally unstable’ if they say something stupid to a teacher after failing an exam or breaking up with a childhood girlfriend. Now they can be added to the NICS system, disarmed for life.
  • A new definition of what a firearms dealer is, with the goal being to end all private party sales. This section of the law says that if you sell a firearm to someone privately, and he later uses it in a crime, you’ll be facing charges!

But all of these provisions are just window dressing for the main event. The real victory for the Radical Left is the ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ language that they put into this bill.

While Biden’s handlers didn’t have the votes to pass an outright national ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ law, S. 2938 did allocate a massive $750,000,000 to bribe state legislatures into passing ‘Red Flags’ at the state level!

Sure, you and I have stopped every ‘Red Flag’ law that has been introduced in Des Moines so far, but this is different.

When session resumes, Joe Biden and the DOJ will be waving tens of millions of dollars in the faces of House and Senate leaders in Des Moines.

To get this ‘free’ money, they simply need to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Iowa. And with the NRA being in full support of this legislation, our sources tell us that we will ABSOLUTELY see a push for ‘Red Flag’ laws next session!


It’s hard to imagine the damage that would result if ANY VERSION of this legislation were to pass. Tens of thousands of Iowans would be disarmed through laws that would:

  • Allow a liberal judge to hear an allegation that you ‘might be dangerous’ and then order the seizure of your firearms before you’ve been charged or convicted of ANYTHING!
  • Usually allow these hearings to take place in secret. The first time you would hear about this is when a SWAT team comes to your home to seize your firearms!
  • Create an almost automated renewal process, meaning that in most cases a gun owner who is disarmed through these laws will NEVER get their firearms back!

So much for the idea that here in America, we are innocent until proven guilty of a crime in a court of law. These ‘Red Flag’ laws destroy that and the rest of our due process rights  — and clearly violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments!  

But that doesn’t mean that the legislature won’t pass ‘Red Flags’ here in Iowa. Not with tens of millions of dollars on the line and not with the NRA providing political cover for leftists and RINOs who vote for the bill.  

Iowa Gun Owners is already meeting with lawmakers and gearing up for a two-part program to combat this threat.

First, we’ll be having legislation introduced that would ban the state of Iowa from accepting federal money to implement any form of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws.

Second, we’re working on legislation that would outright ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Iowa at the state level once and for all, whether the money to enforce them comes from the federal OR state government!


I wish I could say that passing these bills and banning ‘Red Flag Laws’ will be easy. But IGO members know better.

It was an all-out war to pass Constitutional Carry last year, a fight that took much longer than it should have due to extreme opposition from anti-gun Republicans in Des Moines.

But gun owners can’t afford to wait years to ban ‘Red Flag’ laws! We need to put these protections in place right away, or we’ll see tens of thousands of gun owners disarmed before they’ve been convicted of a crime.

This is already happening dozens of states, including ‘red’ states like Indiana and Florida. After passing their ‘Red Flag’ law in 2018, Florida has already seized the firearms from over 8,000 gun owners. In many cases, charges we NEVER filed.

We can’t let this happen here!

That’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you, insisting that your State Senator and State Representative support the bills IGO will be filing to ban ‘Red Flag’ laws here in Iowa.


But I also hope you’ll agree to make a generous donation to Iowa Gun Owners after you sign your petition.

IGO spent heavily advancing SAPA legislation last session. We spent heavily exposing RINOs during the June primaries. And we spent heavily pressuring our Congressional delegation to ‘VOTE NO’ on the gun control bill that just passed in D.C.

If we’re to have any chance of passing these bills and stopping the ‘Red Flag’ threat before it starts here in Iowa, IGO is going to have to FLOOD the Capitol with calls and emails.

That means producing digital ads, running radio ads, deploying hundreds of thousands of text message alerts, and scaling up our email and direct mail programs!

But IGO just isn’t in a position to run these programs at the size they’ll need to be run right now — not after engaging in three major fights back-to-back this year.

Unlike the ‘Radical Left,’ who can get all of the money they need from Bloomberg, we don’t have a demented billionaire funding our fight for freedom. We depend on Iowans like you.

So after you sign your petition, I hope you’ll also include a generous donation of $75, $100, or even more!

You’ve seen the impact of the previous donations that you’ve made to Iowa Gun Owners. The passage of Constitutional Carry last year…Stand-Your-Ground law in 2017…holding the House and Senate in 2020…you did all of that! 

But I need your help again, and I need it right away.

If $100 or more is not possible, I hope that you’ll consider $50, $25 or whatever you can afford right now so that we can rebuild our war chest and gear up for this fight.

There was a time when I thought that ‘Red Flag’ laws would never be a real threat here in Iowa. But those days are over.

Between the NRA’s support for this legislation, dozens of RINOs voting for it in D.C. last month, and close to a billion dollars of federal bribe money for states that pass it — this is the greatest threat that we’ve faced in years in Iowa.

Please sign your petition immediately. Then I hope you’ll agree to make a generous donation so we can ban ‘Red Flags’ in Iowa!  

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P. S. Last month, Congress passed a massive gun control bill that gives the federal government $750,000,000 to bribe state legislatures into passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures!’

And with backstabbing RINOs like Joni Ernst voting for this bill, our sources indicate that anti-gun Republicans in Des Moines will be pushing for ‘Red Flag’ laws next session.

IGO will be fighting back with legislation that bans ‘Red Flag’ laws here in Iowa, regardless of who pays to enforce them. But we need your help to crank up the heat.


Please sign your official petition in support of this legislation so that your State Senator and State Representative know what you expect of them.

And when you’re done, please make a donation of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 to help us STOP RED FLAG LAWS!