Help Us Save an Iowa Shooting Range from Anti-Gun Radicals!

They say that bad news comes in threes.

When it comes to local attempts to clamp down on our gun rights fight here in Iowa over the last couple of weeks, that has certainly proven to be true.

As we told you a few weeks ago, the Tama City Council attempted to strip law-abiding citizens in their town of their right of self-defense.

With your help, we resoundingly stopped that attempt!

As you heard only a few days ago, Iowa Gun Owners is currently engaged in a similar fight with the Nevada City Council.

They, too, are attempting to take away your right to use firearms, tasers, pepper spray, pocket knives and virtually all other items like this to defend yourself against violent criminal attack on all “city owned” property.

If you have not seen that article, please click here to learn more about the fight in Nevada!

I think we can stop the attack in Nevada just like we’ve stopped attacks in Tama, Dubuque, Burlington, and George, but now I need your help to stop one more.

Here’s the back ground information: Nestled in the southwest corner of Iowa, near Shenandoah, is the Pierce Creek Conservation Complex.

Gun owners in this rural community established a shooting range at Pierce Creek 34 years ago, almost to the day.

This shooting range has served both county officials and law abiding citizens well for decades, helping to pass along a heritage of freedom and personal responsibility to scores of first time gun owners.

Like many counties in Iowa, the County Conservation Board runs these complexes, although receiving every penny of their operating budget from the County Board of Supervisors.

A couple years ago, a radical anti-gun activist named Joyce Kruse got on the County Conservation Board.

Insiders report to us that at that time, Ms. Kruse made her intentions clear stating that, “Before I’m done, I’ll close that shooting range down.”

(A well maintained rural shooting range, like the one pictured above, is going to be shut down because of the hysterics of an anti-gun activist on the Page County Conservation Board – unless you and I can put a stop to it!)

And let me tell you, Joyce Kruse has been using her position on the Page County Conservation board, a position one holds to better the community at large, to satisfy a radical, PERSONAL agenda ever since!

You see, Joyce Kruse, a member of an equestrian club that also meets at the Pierce Creek complex, wants this entire county recreation area for herself and her friends.

Gun owners appear to be second class citizens to her and her political pals.

Thankfully, gun owners in Page County have strenuously resisted her attempts to convince the County Park Board and the County Board of Supervisors to close down the shooting range.

But that has not stopped Joyce Kruse and her friends from waging vicious attack against gun owners in that community.

Not long ago, ‘somebody’ contacted the EPA and the DNR to report that the shooting range at Pierce Creek was a dreadful environmental disaster waiting to happen.

The DNR, not normally known for being in favor of our gun rights, conducted a thorough investigation of the complex at Pierce Creek and decided that it is a remarkably well-run shooting range.

In fact, we’re told that the DNR was so impressed with this shooting range that they gave them an A- grade, virtually unheard of anywhere in Iowa!

Once this bureaucratic attack on the shooting range was unsuccessful, ‘somebody else’ began to wage personal attacks on gun owners in this community.

The gun owner who founded this range almost 35 years ago, and still teaches new shooters at this range yet today, was mysteriously accused of sexual improprieties involving women he was teaching to shoot for the first time, at this range.

You know how it is, especially in small-town Iowa, no one is sure where these rumors really start – but they often result in great personal harm.

Thankfully, the gun owner in question not only strenuously objected to these accusations, he aggressively and publicly fought them and the matter has seemed to fade away.

Seeing their bureaucratic and personal attacks come to nothing, these radical anti-gunners in Page County resorted to different tactics.

Not long ago, gun owners reported to us that Joyce Kruse and some of her friends actually rode their horses through the back side of the range, while people were actively shooting down range!

Of course, as any responsible gun owner would do, the people who were using the range immediately ceased firing until Ms. Kruse left the area.

But these gun owners told us emphatically that Ms. Kruse seemed determined to spark an incident so as to get this range shut down.

That’s why I’m writing you today. Gun owners in Page County need your help.

The Page County Board of Supervisors is requesting public feedback on their proposal to close this shooting range down; they seem ready to break under the constant pressure leveled against them via Joyce Kruse.

There is talk of this range being relocated, but with county budgets being so tight these days, it’s anyone’s guess when or if that will ever happen.

That’s why I need you to contact the Page County Board of Supervisors immediately and insist that they do not buckle to the whims of radical gun control activist Joyce Kruse!

Remind them that gun owners have been using this range for almost 35 years to safely and responsibly pass on their heritage of freedom and personal responsibility to their children and grandchildren.

Remind them that county officials, like Joyce Kruse, are supposed to look out for the best interest of the entire community – not to further a radical, personal agenda.

Remind them that the politics of personal destruction, the use of the bureaucratic process, and reckless attempts to spark legal controversy is not the way that responsible Iowans do things.

Urge them to resist this attack on the Second Amendment in every way they possibly can.

Their names and contact information are below:

>>> Elaine Armstrong;(712)542-4050 or [email protected]

>>> Jon Herzbrg; (712)542-5888 or [email protected]

>>> James Richardson; (712)246-3775 or [email protected]

If these numbers are not working, or if you’re unable to get through, you can always call their main number which is 712-542-5018.

And when you’re done, I hope you’ll contact Joyce Kruse.

Her shameless, disgusting, and over-the-top attempts to destroy this range and destroy any gun owner who dares to stands in her path, are appalling.

If you agree, and would like to let her know, please give her a call at (712)246-3400 or (712)246-9386.

For the latest breaking news on this situation, as well as the ongoing fight we are engaged in in Nevada, please keep a close eye on the Iowa Gun Owners Facebook page.

And if you can, I hope you’ll chip in $25 to help Iowa Gun Owners in this fight as we mobilize people through phone banks, running targeted social media posts, and sending staff down into this community, if necessary.

These vital mobilization efforts cost money, so please do what you can today


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Radical gun control activists here in Iowa are doing their best to implement their personal anti-gun agenda at the County and city levels all across the state.

IGO is currently involved in a fight in Nevada – you can learn more about that here – and now we are engaged in one more.

Joyce Kruse, a member of the Page County Conservation Board, is doing her level best to destroy a gun range that gun owners in Page County have enjoyed for almost 35 years!

“Someone” in Page County is using the bureaucratic process, politics of personal destruction and reckless attempts to spark legal controversy, in an attempt to wear gun owners down.

That’s why we need gun owners from across the state to get involved today!

Please contact the members of the Page County board of supervisors, (using the information above) and let them know how you feel about county officials using their personal political agenda to supersede the Second Amendment and decades of tradition in Page County

Tell them to keep the Pierce Creek range operating – and not to yield to one woman’s radical agenda.

Once you’ve called, I hope you’ll chip in $25 today, to help Iowa Gun Owners maintain this fight.