Help Us Stop Red Flags and Gun Confiscation!

The gun grabbers in Des Moines are going all out in their attack against our gun rights, having filed almost two dozen gun control bills during the 2019 session alone!

But two bills are at the absolute top of the gun-grabbers’ list: ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ and ‘Universal Background Checks!’

It’s easy to see why.

‘Red Flag’ laws allow virtually anyone, from an embittered ex-spouse to an anti-gun neighbor, to make up bogus claims about you, allowing liberal judges in Iowa to order your firearms to be confiscated before being convicted of anything.

And ‘Universal Background Checks’ allow the government to create a statewide registry of virtually every gun owner in the state, making future gun confiscation that much easier!

While we fight to advance Constitutional Carry next session, it’s absolutely vital that we crush these bills as aggressively as possible to send a message!

That’s why I hope that you’ll renew your support in Iowa Gun Owners for 2020 right away, so we have the resources we need to fight back in Des Moines!

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This fight starts in just weeks, please stand with us by renewing your membership for 2020 right away!

— Aaron