Iowa: Bloomberg Trying to Kill the Freedom Amendment!

Liberal billionaires, including Michael Bloomberg, have done a great job destroying ‘blue’ states like New York and California.

And if Bloomberg just focused on wrecking his own state, it wouldn’t be a problem for gun owners here in Iowa. But Bloomberg is an angry Marxist, and he’s hell-bent on spreading his tyrannical agenda across the country!

These days, with the vote on the ‘Freedom Amendment’ just weeks away, Bloomberg has his eye set on Iowa. And he’s currently doing everything he can to derail the ‘Freedom Amendment’!

As a reminder, 44 states protect gun rights in their state constitutions. Iowa doesn’t. This means everything that we’ve accomplished in Des Moines (Constitutional Carry, Stand-Your-Ground Law, and more) could be struck down by a judge.

For a full report on this amendment, how the process works, and what’s at stake, watch our video analysis here.

To make sure that the outrageous lies Bloomberg’s forces are spreading about the Freedom Amendment, Iowa Gun Owners has just released this digital ad. Watch it here!

In Michael Bloomberg’s world, regular Iowans shouldn’t have a right to own or carry firearms. Guns are for the security teams protecting smug elites like him.

But Iowans rejected that sort of tyranny.

Heck, we’ve DESTROYED Bloomberg’s caucus here in Des Moines over the last 4 election cycles and have passed Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law because we love the freedom here!

But if Bloomberg can derail this amendment, he’d be free to come after our gun rights with court actions that could undo all that we’ve accomplished.

Don’t let him win! Help Iowa Gun Owners get this ad up on radio stations from Sioux City to Des Moines to Waterloo to Cedar Rapids — before it’s too late!


The last two years have made it clear that today’s Leftists (both in Congress and here in our own state legislature) will never stop attacking our gun rights.

Their goal is to disarm every last one of us, so they can impose the sort of dictatorship that is only possible on a population that is completely disarmed.

If they are successful, our state and our country will be plunged into darkness! We need to fight back in Congress, in our state legislature, and in court.

That’s why the Freedom Amendment is so important! And that’s why I hope that you’ll make a generous donation so that we can make sure every voter in Iowa knows the truth about this language!


We’re almost out of time.

Please watch this ad, share it with your friends, and donate to help us get it seen by hundreds of thousands of gun owners across the state!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Iowa Gun Owners’ latest ad on the Freedom Amendment went live today, highlighting Michael Bloomberg’s hatred for the Second Amendment and the proud gun owners who are fighting to defend it.

Watch the ad above!

Then donate right away so we can get this ad up on radio stations all over the country. Time is running out. So please act fast!