Iowa City Council Pushing Gun Control – We Need Your Help TODAY!

I wondered who would be calling me so late last night as my cell phone rang, before I remember that I’d set the office line to forward to my cell before I left the Iowa Gun Owners office earlier in the day.

But late last night I started getting calls, emails, and Facebook messages from IGO members in NW Iowa alerting me to an anti-gun ordinance being voted on by the George, IA City Council tomorrow!

While we’re somewhat used to these types of proposals coming from places like Iowa City and Dubuque – it is surprising to see towns in extreme NW Iowa pushing these proposals.

The ordinance would destroy your right to carry a defensive weapon on all city property – leaving you defenseless in the face of a violent criminal attack.

This would include places like the George city park, the town baseball diamonds, the town hall, the town swimming pool complex and more!

“Gun free zones,” like the one being proposed in George, are killing zones pure and simple as the recent shooting in Ft. Hood makes all too clear as the only people left carrying weapons in these zones are the criminals looking for easy targets!

But there is more.

You see, which ever city council member is pushing this proposal in George left a nice little carve-out for themselves and their friends so that while you and I can’t carry in all of the places listed above, they and their families can be safely armed!

The proposal reads, “An ordinance prohibiting firearms or weapons in city buildings or on city property with the exception of elected officials and law enforcement.”

The arrogance of this leaves me speechless.

Your family will be safe as long as you’re elected to city office, county office, or any higher office.

But if you’re just an “ordinary taxpayer” who pays for the town pool, the town hall, or the town baseball complex, you’ll have to “shelter-in-place” and hope that a deputy can get there in time to protect you and your family.

Even worse – when IGO members called the city council office today asking to be placed on the agenda to speak to the city council about this proposal, the city clerk is refusing to add them to the agenda and is hanging up on citizens!

This is outrageous.

That’s why I need your immediate help with this. Several months ago, the Dubuque City Council tried something similar in their town and when gun owners from all over the state got involved, the council quickly and apologetically withdrew their proposal.

We need to do it again. The more towns that get away with this, the worse off we’ll be as other towns will follow suit in a domino effect.

You and I are the ones who will pay the price as a result.

So please, immediately, contact the members of the George City Council and demand that they not move this proposal forward and that they apologize for even trying to clamp down on our gun rights while leaving a carve-out for themselves and their families!

You can reach them by calling them at the following numbers:

Mayor, Gary Siebring’s City Office (712)475-3612

Council member Kary Conaway (712)475-3732

Council member Gerald Grave, Jr. (712)475-3668

Council member Russ Hopp (712)475-3657

Council member Angie McConnell (712)475-3505

Council member Norm Riemersma (712)475-3680

Please keep calling until you either reach someone or can leave a voicemail – don’t let up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from George or not. These attacks on our gun rights have a domino effect as we mentioned above. If this town gets away with it, then your town may be next.

We have to stop these when they come up, just like you did in Dubuque earlier this year.

Also, please notify all of your friends in the NW IA region.

The council is trying to do this quietly and quickly without much time for gun owners to voice objections. Those that do try aren’t even allowed to get on the council’s agenda to voice their concerns.

The vote is tomorrow according to their published agenda – so please make your calls today!

If you can, please chip in $10 to help Iowa Gun Owners keep pushing back against gun control here in Iowa.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. The George, IA, City Council is voting tomorrow on gutting your right of self-defense on all city owned property including their town hall, the town pool, their baseball complex, town park and more!

But, even as they want to strip your right to self-defense away, they are specifically carving out an exception for themselves!

More, when IGO members call the City Council seeking to be placed on the agenda to address the council they are being told “No” and are hung up on.

We’ve seen, just in the past week, what happens in “Gun Free Zones” and three more people are dead in Ft. Hood, Texas as a result.

Don’t let this happen here. When one town gets away with this another town gets more emboldened to try it, creating a domino effect that is hard to stop.

Call the council members immediately, using the information above, and demand that they pull this from the agenda and apologize to gun owners and law abiding taxpayers for trying to sneak this through.

If you can, please chip in $10 to help IGO keep pushing back at gun control here in Iowa.