Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack Supporting Gun Control!

Since the day that gun control died in the US Senate last month, we’ve been warning that this fight was not over.

President Obama made it clear that it was just the first step in a long process.

Vice President Biden said that, “…the political dynamic has changed. So I think we’re going to get this anyway. I think this will pass before the year is out, within this Congress.”

Many of you have called us and expressed anger at what President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are doing – while at the same time expressing confidence that this fight is already won because the House is controlled by the GOP.

We’re here to warn you that that’s simply not the case.

For weeks we’ve had suspicions that there was a deal in the making. After all, everyone knows that Speaker John Boehner is no staunch conservative and that he’s already passed multiple bills through the House by obtaining votes from Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi.

This would be no different.

Republican Peter King (R-NY) has already submitted a House version of the “Manchin Toomey” bill – that gun owners were able to stop in the Senate last month.

H.R. 1565 already has over 150 cosponsors – including numerous Republicans like Congressman King!

Yesterday this threat took on a much more dangerous tone as The, one of DC’s most respected online news sources came out with a headline that ominously stated: “House GOP lawmaker: We are not backing away on [the] gun bill!”

Worse, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who has control over King’s bill, made it very clear that he’s working hand in hand with Speaker Boehner saying, “…We have not backed away from trying to figure out how to improve that, but we’ve made no decisions yet about what to do.”

Don’t forget this legislation has three major components.

Expanded or even universal “background checks”   (GUN REGISTRATION)

     With these “background check” forms, President Obama      and his pals can register, track and trace every      firearm in America. In fact, it’s the ONLY way they can      enforce their universal “background check” scheme.

     Do you really trust President Obama and Attorney      General Eric Holder enough to hand them every tool they      need to create a national gun registry?

Anti-“Gun Trafficking” legislation

     By imposing outlandish penalties on Second Amendment      supporters for selling or giving firearms to      “prohibited persons,” this bill is designed to allow      ATF agents to terrorize Second Amendment supporters      into screaming FOR a national gun registry.

     Since the list of prohibited persons includes many      veterans and other law-abiding people, the only way for      law-abiding gun owners to protect themselves is to      ensure that every firearm transfer is first “approved”      by the federal government with a national gun registry.

“Mental Health Restrictions

     Have you ever served in the military or experienced a      traumatic family situation like a death in the family?      If you’re prescribed anything at all — or even if you      complain of stress to the wrong person — that could be      enough for you to lose your Second Amendment rights.

     Former Surgeon General Steven Galson estimated that      46.4% of Americans experience some sort of mental      illness during their lives!

     To the gun-grabbers, disarming half of America for life      with a simple mental health database within a year or      two’s time sounds like a dream come true!

And it’s not just anti-gunners from the East Coast sponsoring this legislation.

Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack has cosponsored this legislation, joining forces with notorious anti-gunners in the House like Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), and Maxine Watters (D-CA).

Congressman Loebsack is hoping that his involvement will stay quiet and he’s hoping that grassroots gun owners don’t find out that he’s added his name to one of the most dangerous attacks on our gun rights in a generation.

But with bi-partisan support, a cooperative Committee Chairman, and a Speaker of the House who’s made it clear that he’s going to be taking up gun control this year, we can’t assume that Loebsack is the only one who needs to hear from grassroots gun owners.

So please take a moment and sign our petition to Iowa’s Congressional delegation insisting that they OPPOSE gun control in any form.

Last month grassroots gun owners proved what they could do.

With the President, virtually all national media outlets, and massively funded special interest organizations lining up against us to force gun control upon us, many had just given up – until grassroots gun owners got involved.

In state after state gun owners were mobilized and signed petitions, went to town hall meetings, called their Senator, and demanded that they vote NO to gun control – or face legions of angry voters during the next election cycle.

And it worked.

But this fight is not over as the gun-grabbers are working on a new tactic: the back-room deal.

Rather than come on strong this time, and try to force their agenda through, the anti-gunners are working feverishly to strike a secret deal with moderate Republicans.

Perhaps you’ve noticed it.

Golf outings with Republican Senators Saxby Chambliss and Bob Corker last week.

Posh, high-dollar dinners in the White House with a dozen Republican Senators just last month.

Obama’s spokesperson admitted that Obama will, “try anything” in his attempts to coerce a few moderates into supporting his agenda.

You and I can’t let Obama’s steak dinners and golf trips be the price of our 2nd Amendment freedoms!

We need to show the anti-gunners, like Dave Loebsack, that there is a price for this sort of behavior!

So please, sign your petition today to Iowa’s Congressional delegation.

Make sure they know that you are opposed to gun control, whether offered by Republicans or Democrats, in the House or the Senate, whether they were bribed by President Obama or not!

We’ll be delivering these petitions to your Congressional Representatives when this fight goes to the Floor for a vote.

Please also consider a donation to Iowa Gun Owners.

IGO has proven that we can turn up the heat using mail, email, internet ads, mass targeted direct mail and more.

This program is PROVEN to work.

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We have no way of knowing how fast the anti-gunners are going to attack again – but we must be ready.

Your support is vitally needed, so please consider a donation of $50 or perhaps even $75 today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack has joined his friends Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Maxine Watters (D-CA) and over 150 others by adding his name as a cosponsor to the gun control bill making it’s way through the House of Representatives in D.C.!

What’s worse is that this bill was sponsored by Republican Peter King (R-NY), and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has announced that he’s working behind the scenes with Speaker Boehner to bring gun control legislation up this year!

With this bill having bi-partisan support and a cooperative Speaker of the House, it’s vital that we send a loud message to Iowa’s congressional delegation and make one thing perfectly clear: NO GUN CONTROL, EVER!

Also please consider a contribution to help IGO prepare to mount the pressure needed as this fight gets serious.

Whether it be $50, or perhaps even $75, we’ll put it to good use immediately!