Iowa Gubernatorial Candidate Wants to Disarm You!

While the 2018 legislative session is winding down, election season here in Iowa is starting to heat up.

And I have to tell you, the tide has been shifting here in Iowa since the Parkland, FL shooting from two months ago — and not for the better.

Don’t take my word for it.

For the first time here in Iowa we are seeing organized marches where anti-gun lawmakers and activists alike are demanding a massive expansion of gun control.

And they are not alone.

Recently, Cathy Glasson, a gubernatorial candidate here in Iowa, unveiled her crazed gun control agenda and the details are simply stunning.

Before I get to that, please understand that your involvement in Iowa Gun Owners has never been more critical, and it’s vital that gun owners stand up and fight back now, more than ever!

Because if candidates like Glasson and her ilk get the idea that they can run on radical gun control agendas like I’ll be laying out below, then we have a real problem on our hands.

Iowa Gun Owners must always have the ability to expose gun control, wherever it comes from. More on that below.

You see, Cathy Glasson isn’t looking for some ‘minor gun control’ or to ‘tweak the edges a little bit.’

Her vision for Iowa is so extreme, it’s hard to imagine its coming from a gubernatorial candidate.

If elected Governor, Cathy Glasson wants to:

>>> Disarm all Iowans, of all of their firearms, if they are between the age of 18-20!

Even though a 20-year-old could have already served two years in the military, gotten married, started a family and launched a career -– Glasson wants that person helpless in the event of a home invasion, totally unable to fight back.

>>> Institute a 3-day waiting period on all firearms sale!

This, despite the fact that there are scores of cases where women are murdered by a crazed ex, unable to buy a firearm because of a stupid government mandated waiting period.

>>> Completely ban all AR-15’s and hundreds of cosmetically similar firearms!

Despite the fact that these firearms are — statistically speaking — almost never used in crimes, Glasson wants to take away the most practical firearm that the citizenry owns to stop criminals and tyrants.

>>> Establish a comprehensive database of all firearms in the state!

This legislation, being pushed nationwide by Michael Bloomberg, would make it a felony for the ‘crime’ of handing down heirloom firearms to your own family without adding that firearm to a government database first.

Clearly, Cathy Glasson represents the most hostile enemy to gun rights that Iowa has ever seen in modern time!

In fact, Glassson’s proposal of citizen disarmament and gun registration is so extreme as to catch the eye of national gun control organizations.

That’s why the Bloomberg-funded Mom’s Demand Action recently gave Glasson an award for her willingness to crush the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Iowans!

Mad yet?

You should be.

Cathy Glasson is part of the new breed of anti-gun legislative candidates who want nothing less than the complete disarmament of all law-abiding Iowans.

And make no mistake, just because she’s the only gubernatorial candidate saying this publicly — all of her fellow candidates back the same radical agenda.

The same goes for many legislative candidates.

As a member of Iowa Gun Owners, you now have this information and can make an informed decision later this year.

But there are hundreds of thousands of other gun owners across the state that need to know where Glasson, and many other candidates, stand on the Second Amendment.

That’s why I’m asking you to make an immediate donation to help Iowa Gun Owners have the resources we need to run a full-scale program on Glasson

Glasson hates the Second Amendment and the gun owners that are willing to fight for it.

And she’s not alone.

But for Iowa Gun Owners to expose these candidates later this year, we need to have the resources in places to do that.

Any amount you can give towards this fight is greatly appreciated and goes directly toward outing candidates like Glasson!

Recognizing that few candidates will be as bold as Glasson, IGO will be running a statewide candidate survey program later this year to get all the candidates on the record — for or against your gun rights.

More than that, we’ll be digging through the voting records of all incumbent lawmakers, to give you the full picture on how they have voted on the Second Amendment.

We will be distributing this information to IGO members and other gun owners using direct mail, radio and TV ads, targeted social media and much more.

These programs have been devastatingly effective in the past, as dozens of former lawmakers can attest to.

But we need your help.

There is a war on for the Second Amendment right now, and it’s not only happening in Washington, D.C.

Please help us hold the line in Iowa, with a generous donation today.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Iowa Gubernatorial candidate Cathy Glasson unveiled a gun control agenda that’s so aggressive, it takes my breath away.

But she’s just one of many candidates that wants nothing less than to disarm gun owners and crush the Second Amendment!

Make sure Iowa Gun Owners has the resources we need to expose anti-gun candidates like Glasson and others, with your most generous donation TODAY

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