Yesterday was the first day of the 2014 General Assembly and already the fight for the 2nd Amendment is heating up!

Having been to many of these I can tell you that the first days, in fact the entire first week, is filled with mostly pomp and show and many ceremonial proceedings. The real work will begin next week.

But that does not mean that deals are not already being cut and compromises made.

In fact, the battle over gun rights is already commencing as leadership in both chambers of the General Assembly are making it clear that they want little to do with advancing pro-gun bills this session as they are in a rush to go home and campaign for their re-elections.

Of course, when they are asked to advance pro-gun bills fresh off of their re-elections they say, “This is a very busy year for us – we’ll focus on these issues next year.”

That’s why it’s going to be up to you and me to make sure that the General Assembly doesn’t go home without addressing and advancing solid pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground.

Iowa Gun Owners has been working with Representative Tom Shaw in perfecting the language of these bills and we’re pleased to report that Rep. Shaw has agreed to sponsor both pieces of legislation.

Older IGO members know that Tom Shaw is a stalwart pro-gun champion and that he does more than just talk about protecting the 2nd Amendment – we couldn’t ask for a better bill sponsor in the House.

(Rep. Tom Shaw (L) with IGO’s Aaron Dorr (R) discussing Constitutional Carry legislation in the Iowa Capitol.)

While bill numbers are not going to be available for some time it’s important that the members of the General Assembly understand that we expect them to address these important issues and vote up or down on Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground reform!

That’s why it’s vital you make two simple calls — AT ONCE.

Please call the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House.

Here are their phone numbers followed by a message for you to pass on to them (polite but firm, as always):

Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal:(515)281-3901

Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen:  (515)281-3521

Tell them:

1. You expect them to OPPOSE all forms of gun control — universal registration bills that ban private transfers, ‘mental health expansion’ that merely disguises gun control, or bans on standard capacity magazines.

2. You expect them to hold clean “up or down” votes on Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground legislation – you and I won’t know who’s pro-gun and who’s not without a vote!

3. That you will be watching their public statements and legislative actions. Talking about being pro-gun, without delivering the legislation to back it up, isn’t enough.

Remember, shortly the politicians will be calling YOU. They’ll be asking you to volunteer your time on their campaigns, give them your money, and vote for them.

Now is when they work for you. Now is when they keep those campaign promises that put them there in the first place!

So double down, make your calls now, and ensure that your pro-gun voice is heard as the session begins.

If you can, please consider chipping in $10-$20 to help Iowa Gun Owners mobilize as many Iowans as possible to this fight!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Iowa Gun Owners was on hand as the 2014 legislative session got underway in Des Moines.

As we monitor for threats from Michael Bloomberg and his pals at the Des Moines Register, we are also moving forward on Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground legislation and are pleased to have Rep. Tom Shaw as our lead bill sponsor this year.

But we’re already hearing rumors that the House/Senate leadership does not want to move ANY pro-gun bills this session.

That’s why it’s vital you call Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal and Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen right away and insist that they oppose gun control and schedule votes on Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground legislation

Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal: (515)281-3901

Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen: (515)281-3521