Iowa Gun Owners Calls Out Mike Gronstal!

Mike Gronstal.

Almost every gun owner across the state of Iowa recognizes the name of Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal as being synonymous with blockading almost every pro-gun bill that has been introduced in the Iowa State Senate for almost a decade.

Constitutional Carry? Gronstal killed it.

The Firearms Freedom Act? Gronstal blocked it.

Suppressor legislation? Gronstal says NO!

Now, Mike Gronstal is doing everything he can to stop Stand-Your-Ground legislation, Senate File 137, from even coming up for a vote

This is how Gronstal always operates.

Rather than allowing legislation to be voted on in the Iowa State Senate, Gronstal simply ensures that these bills never come up for a vote.

The reason is simple. Gronstal knows what happens to members of his caucus that vote against Iowans’ right to keep and bear arms.

Over the last couple of election cycles, numerous members of his caucus have been removed from office once gun owners were made aware of the radically anti-gun records held by their State Senator.

Just last year, after Iowa Gun Owners embarked on a months-long education program designed to highlight the fact that State Senator Daryl Beall was introducing Michael Bloomberg styled legislation in the Iowa State Senate, the voters removed this long-time Senator from office.

Gronstal knows this, and that’s why he’s trying to avoid having Stand-Your-Ground come up for a vote in the Iowa Senate.

This, despite the fact that Senate File 137 already has the cosponsorship of 24 members of the State Senate!

Two votes short of passage!

Some organizations in Iowa, when they’re told “NO” by politicians like Gronstal, simply throw up their hands and say to themselves: “We’ll try again next year.”

Few organizations are willing to confront Grosntal head-on for his obstructionist policies.

But this is Iowa Gun Owners.

That’s why, moments ago, Iowa Gun Owners kicked off another round of radio ads across the state – this time, targeting Mike Gronstal.

We are already hearing tremendous feedback on the radio ads that were run across the state on Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Steve Sodders last week.

And thanks to the overwhelming support of all of you, we have been able to expand this program to include the Senate Majority leader himself.

Check out the ad below – I think you’re going to love it!

You see, Mike Gronstal wants to have his cake and eat it too.

At election time, he talks a lot about being in favor of the right to keep and bear arms – thus convincing some organizations here in Iowa to blindly support him in his reelection efforts.

Then, once safely back in office, Gronstal continues his decades-long policy of blockading almost every single gun bill that is introduced into “his” Senate from ever getting a hearing, much less getting passed out of the State Senate.

Gun Owners in Council Bluffs tell us that often times they don’t even know of the radical actions being taken by their Senator in “far away” Des Moines.

Gronstal knows this.

Gronstal bets on this.

Gronstal has survived on this ignorance for a long time.

That’s why in addition to running these ads on WHO radio in Des Moines, I hope to run these ads on stations all over the Council Bluffs area, including KFAB, KXKT and KGOR – ensuring that EVERY gun owner in Western Iowa is made aware of what Mike Gronstal is doing to shut down Stand-Your-Ground law in Des Moines.

Can you help us?

So many of you have already done so much to help us with the ads that we ran on Judiciary Chairman Steve Sodders.

In fact, your response was simply humbling. But we can’t stop now.

Mike Gronstal is the one who controls the puppet strings in the State Senate, and it is essential that gun owners in HIS district know what he is doing right now to shut down Stand-Your-Ground law.

The good news is that the average cost of these ads is only $41.10

So if you can help keep these ads on the air, for just $41.10, please do so now

For $41.10 you can play a direct role in stopping Mike Gronstal’shistory of blockading your Second Amendment rights.

For $123.30 you can personally ensure that 3 of these ads run across the state

For $205.50 you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you have reached out to gun owners all the way from Cedar Rapids to the Missouri River, letting them know exactly what Senator Gronstal is trying to keep secret in Des Moines.

And for $411.00 you can fund 10 of these crucial spots, ensuring that tens of thousands of gun owners are mobilized into this fight!

Whatever amount you choose to give is totally up to you.

Every penny that you give, however, is going immediately to help fund these crucial ads.

Sometimes you may wonder what, exactly, is being done with the resources that you generously bestow upon us. Dozens of anti-gun legislators can tell you, first hand, how those resources are expended at election time.

But in this particular instance, you can have the immediate satisfaction of knowing that you are personally responsible for airing the ads that will be heard by thousands of people.

I don’t want to meet any more Jay R. Lewis’ in my office.

Jay Lewis, the gun owner who was forced to defend himself in Des Moines in 2012, wrongfully spent 112 days in jail as an innocent man after being forced to defend himself with a firearm.

While he eventually emerged from jail a free man, his life was in shambles as he lost his job, his apartment, and every single piece of his personal property, except for the clothes that he was arrested in.

He sat in our office a broken man.

IGO members came to his aid, to be sure, but that shouldn’t happen to anybody – Republican, Democrat, or Independent.

For Mike Gronstal, sadly, the Second Amendment is all about what benefits him and his political party.

The innocent Iowan victims who are harmed by his deliberate inaction mean nothing to him.

(IGO’S Aaron Dorr, at right, with Jay R. Lewis in the Iowa State Capitol in 2012, fighting for Stand-Your-Ground law.)

Iowa needs Stand-Your-Ground law.

Illinois has it.

South Dakota has it.

Dozens of states have it.

Now it’s Iowa’s turn, and Mike Gronstal’s long history of blockading pro-gun bills needs to end.

So please help us keep these ads running on the radio all across Iowa.

24 votes. We have 24 votes on this bill right now. We just need 2 more.

Help us do it!

Thank you in advance, for whatever you can do.

 For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Despite the fact that dozens of states already have Stand-Your-Ground law, and that 24 members of the Iowa State Senate have already cosponsored Senate File 137, Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal seems determined to keep this bill from coming up for a vote.

Gronstal has done this for years. Many organizations are afraid to confront him.

But this is Iowa Gun Owners, which is why, just moments ago, we kicked off a another round of state-wide radio ads – this time highlighting Gronstal and his refusal to support your 2nd Amendment rights.

I think you’ll like the ad.

For $41.10, you can keep these ads on the air. For $123.30 you can run 3 of these spots, for $205.50 thousands of people across the state will be mobilized to this fight

And for $411 you can have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you have alerted tens of thousands of Iowans to the obstructionist policies of Iowa’s ranking tyrant, Mike Gronstal.

Thank you, in advance, for all that you do to fight for our second amendment rights here in Iowa.