Iowa Gun Owners Under Attack!

The radical left has attacked Iowa Gun Owners and I am counting on your help as we fight back!

As many of you noticed, IGO’s online fundraising ability ‘went dark’ some time ago, severing our ability to raise support online, at the worst possible time.

You see, Iowa Gun Owners has been spending heavily over the last month as we mobilized as many Iowans as possible into taking action against H.R. 5717, the gun control mega bill in Congress.

As we recently told you, we have been successful is keeping H.R. 5717 out of the recent stimulus bill in Congress. But that is going to be an ongoing fight.

And with the 2020 primary and general elections coming, I was already worried about how we were going to pay for all of the print and digital ads that I know we’re going to need.

And then I got the call from a lifetime member of IGO from Missouri Valley, telling me that when he went to make a $100 donation to the organization, our system wouldn’t accept his support.

I assumed he simply made a mistake.

But then I checked my email.

(This is all IGO donors have seen when trying to donate online for the last few weeks, after IGO was deplatformed by our online credit card processor, with no notice.)

That’s when I learned that the company we had used for years to securely handle the donations of IGO members like you, had booted Iowa Gun Owners off their platform with zero notice!

You’ve probably heard about the corporate gun control movement that is well underway across the country.

From banks that suddenly refuse to let gun stores bank with them to insurance companies who suddenly stop insuring gun shows, the list of corporations that have declared war against the Second Amendment is growing.

But it hadn’t happened to IGO before. And when it did, it cost us precious dollars that we need to maintain the fight for gun rights here in Iowa!

Of course, we worked diligently to quickly bring our online fundraising abilities back online.

And to be honest, our new donation system looks better, it works better, and it’s even more affordable than the system we were using.

But being shut down like that, even for just a few weeks, will certainly hamper our efforts to expose gun grabbers during the upcoming 2020 primary and general election cycle.

If we don’t have the ammo we need to fight with, we can’t fight. It’s just that simple.

And that’s why I want to ask you to make an emergency donation to Iowa Gun Owners, to ensure that we are still able to fight

IGO has been the state’s leading voice for gun owners for twelve years now; flipping the Iowa Senate in 2016, passing Stand-Your-Ground law, and defeating countless gun control bills.

But it’s all been made possible by your generosity.

Corporate gun grabbers tried to shut us down by trying to make sure you couldn’t support the work of this great organization.

I hope you won’t let them get away with it. Make your donation to IGO today!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With the fight for gun rights raging all across the country, more corporations are getting involved in this fight, denying services to groups that fight for gun rights.

Recently, Iowa Gun Owners was ‘deplatformed’ by the credit card processing company that we have used to handle your online donations for years.

With no notice, we were cut off. This hurt IGO, denying us critical funding, funding that we need for the upcoming 2020 election cycle.

We need to get back up on our feet, and that’s why I hope that you will agree to an emergency donation of $100, $50, $25 or even just $10 to help us fight for you!