Iowa: Help Us Hammer Anti-Gunners in Other Key Races!

As I told you a few days ago, Iowa Gun Owners is working to expose one of the most notorious anti-gun leaders in the Senate by unleashing our hard hitting radio ad on Senate Judiciary Chairman Steve Sodders.

If you haven’t yet told us how many of these ads you’d like to sponsor, please do so now.

But it’s essential that we expand this program, that we make sure everyone knows that Steve Sodders isn’t the only anti-gunner in the Senate who crushed pro-gun legislation.

You see, Sodders personally worked to killed Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry legislation — but he didn’t do it alone!

And while many of you have sponsored radio spots in this district, many more of you are asking about running similar ads against the other cast of characters that are responsible in the Senate.

Top of the list, none other than Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal!

While Steve Sodders is the one who killed these bills, he’s a button pusher for his boss, Mike Gronstal

Gronstal rules the Iowa Senate. He’s been in office since I was just five years old.

While dozens of states passed Shall Issue legislation in the 90’s and into the first five years of this century — Iowa was one of the last to do so, because Mike Gronstal said ‘NO’ for decades!

As dozens of additional states enacted Stand-Your-Ground legislation — helping to save the lives of countless law abiding people — Iowa has not because Mike Gronstal said “NO!

More recently, with ten different states enacting Constitutional Carry legislation, meaning that gun owners don’t have to pay expensive fees or add their names to a government database to carry a defensive firearm — Iowa has not because Mike Gronstal said “NO!”

That’s why we’ve prepped this radio ad, and hope to roll this out into tens of thousands of homes in Council Bluffs right away!

Gun owners need to know the truth about Gronstal, right now!

But in addition to that, Assistant Majority Leader Mary Jo Wilhelm has been a driving force in the Senate caucus in killing pro-gun legislation.

As Assistant Leader, Wilhelm’s job is to ‘whip’ the caucus one direction or the other on controversial legislation.

When we hit 24 co-sponsors on Stand-Your-Ground law (SF137) and needed the backing of just 2 members of the majority caucus, it was reportedly Mary Jo Wilhelm who worked overtime to hold her caucus in line — making sure than none of them stood up for gun owners.

Now, Mary Jo Wilhelm’s fellow Assistant Majority Leader Matt McCoy has announced his intentions to work night and day to ram an ‘assault weapons’ ban into law in 2017.

Of course, this ban would do nothing to stop crime but would make it illegal to own hundreds of everyday semi-automatic firearms that you and I own for self-defense.

Many legislators have come out and publicly opposed this radical plan.

But not Mary Jo. She’s refusing to say how she would vote on a gun ban bill. In light of her other anti-gun votes, her silence on this is deafening!

That’s why I’ve also had the following radio ad commissioned for the race in Senate District 26, to let gun owners learn the facts about Senator Wilhelm who’s desperately working to run away from her record.

We’re also in the production phase on ads for two additional districts right now.

But these ads, as powerful as they are, won’t do any good sitting on my hard drive.

It’s essential that you and I get them out there to the gun owners in these districts right away, as many gun owners will be making their decisions on who to support here any day with the start of early voting.

As a non-partisan 501c4 entity, Iowa Gun Owners does not endorse or oppose any candidate.

Rather, we advocate for the Second Amendment by making sure that gun owners have the facts they need about the candidates seeking their support.

And the fact is, almost 50% of the votes cast in Iowa this year are expected to be done so via early voting. Almost half!

And that starts in just a few days, meaning we have to act fast!

These ads can be placed for an average of just $37.70 — meaning you can personally hold these anti-gun leaders responsible for their actions and make sure that thousands of gun owners learn the truth about their record!

If you want to buy more than one spot (some of you have generously already funded ten spots at one shot) you may certainly do so!

And don’t forget, just because you don’t live in one of these districts doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get involved.

When educated gun owners throw a gun-grabber out of office, like they did after Iowa Gun Owners exposed Bloomberg’s bill sponsor and former State Senator Daryl Beall, EVERYONE in Des Moines noticed.

Every legislator in vulnerable districts thinks twice about cosponsoring — much less voting for — gun control when their colleagues in much safer districts sponsor radical gun control.

The more pressure we can focus on specific legislators, the safer your gun rights are anywhere in Iowa.

More, as you likely know, gun grabbers have just a 26-24 lock on the Iowa Senate.

So it doesn’t matter if you have Steve Sodders or Mike Gronstal as your legislator.

If pro-gun forces take back the majority, then Gronstal and Sodders won’t be able to advance any more attacks on our freedoms.

So whether you are able to sponsor one ad for $37.70 or whether you want to personally fund saturation level radio ads in these districts for a much larger amount — please take action today so we can be up on the air immediately as early voting kicks off.

As a member of Iowa Gun Owners, you have the ability to actually fight for your freedoms directly through these programs.

Few people ever have that chance.

Please stand with us now!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. With early voting just days away here in Iowa, it’s essential that gun owners have the facts about a host of vulnerable incumbent legislators who are trying to hide from their record.

While we’re already up on the air in Steve Sodder’s district, he didn’t kill gun bills for the last couple of years on his own.

There are a number of other vulnerable legislators who need to be exposed to gun owners in their districts!

That’s why Iowa Gun Owners has prepared the following ad to run in Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal’s district and this ad to run in Assistant Majority Leader Mary Jo Wilhelm’s district.

Check out the Gronstal radio ad here!

Both are running against 100% pro-gun candidates, both are scared of gun owners finding out the truth, and both are in vulnerable districts.

We have the ads prepared, but we need the funding to get them up on the air in these districts and we need it fast — as gun owners are going to be making their decision very shortly via early voting.

This is where we hold them accountable, this is where we fight back against their attacks!

So whether you want to fund one ad for $37.70 or ten ads for $377, please let me know right away so I can get these ads rolling immediately