Iowa Needs Constitutional Carry Law Now!

Utah lawmakers have just sent Constitutional Carry law to the Governor, who is expected to sign the bill into law very shortly.

If that happens, that will make seventeen states where gun owners can carry a firearm for self-defense without having to beg the government for permission or add their name to a central database! 

To be clear, this will mean that gun owners in Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Dakota, S. Dakota, Oklahoma, Vermont, W. Virginia, Wyoming — and likely Utah — are free of government interference when it comes to their personal safety.

But not here in Iowa.

Despite gun owners holding the line against Michael Bloomberg’s attempts to flip either chamber of the legislature, gun owners have been told to ‘sit down and shut up’ regarding Constitutional Carry.

But that could change, if House and Senate leaders pass House File 250, the Constitutional Carry legislation that was filed for Iowa Gun Owners by Rep. Jeff Shipley!

Sign your petition in support of House File 250 right away!

As you may know, Constitutional Carry law doesn’t change the laws on who can own or carry a firearm.

So despite what Bloomberg’s people in Des Moines are saying, this bill would NOT allow felons or any other prohibited person to access firearms — just like it doesn’t in the other 17 states that have this law on the books.

And it doesn’t change Iowa’s current ‘Shall Issue’ laws, other than making it optional. So if you want to carry with a permit, you certainly could continue to do so.

But if the events of last year — the travel bans, the rioting, sheriff’s departments that were closed to permit applicants –taught us anything, it’s that law abiding Iowans need to be able to defend themselves!

 Support Constitutional Carry law for Iowa, sign your petition!

But this won’t happen without a mountain of grassroots pressure.

In 2018, after IGO members pushed Constitutional Carry through the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee, Senate leaders pulled the bill fearing ‘bad optics’ after the Parkland, FL shooting.

In 2019, the same committee yanked Constitutional Carry after we got it through the sub-committee, to protect moderates who didn’t want to have to vote on the bill.

In 2020, House and Senate leaders decided to let Constitutional Carry die because they were afraid it would harm them during the 2020 elections.

Meantime, states all around Iowa (Missouri, S. Dakota) are putting this law on the books to protect the Second Amendment and gun owners in their states!

I don’t know about you, but I’m disgusted with all the talk, the lip service, the promises year after year, only to get crumbs and outright betrayal in return, all while the Radical Left launches attacks against our gun rights every single day.

So sign your petition in support of H.F. 250 now, and when you’re done, please make a critical donation to help Iowa Gun Owners push this legislation!

 Gun owners in Iowa have waited long enough for Constitutional Carry, watching other states blow past us in the fight for Second Amendment freedom.

It’s time that the politicians in Des Moines finish this fight.

Please take action now!

 For Iowa,


Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners 

P.S. Utah is poised to become the seventeenth Constitutional Carry state, as the bill has passed the legislature and is awaiting action from the Governor.

Meantime, Iowa legislative leaders have blocked Constitutional Carry legislation for three years in a row, all the while begging gun owners for votes and campaign dollars at election time. 

Tell the politicians in Des Moines that you want to see action on House File 250 today, by signing your petition!  

Then please consider a donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or even just $10 to help Iowa Gun Owner fight for Constitutional Carry!