Iowa: Second Amendment Preservation Act Filed!

Session is well underway here in Des Moines and IGO is leading the fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act. The question is, will your State Representative co-sponsor the bill?

Now that we’ve made Iowa a Constitutional Carry state and protected gun right in the State Constitution with last fall’s Freedom Amendment, SAPA legislation is our top priority!

SAPA isn’t just a ‘good goal to aim for down the road;’ gun owners in Iowa need these protections immediately.

Here’s why.

Last fall, gun voters across America took back the House (which included booting Cindy Axne out of office after she voted for ‘Red Flags’ and a ban on AR-15s), which means the days of Joe Biden ramming gun control through the House should be over. 

But that won’t protect us from the Executive Orders that Joe Biden has signed — and will continue to sign -– making criminals out of innocent gun owners with the stroke of a pen.

One of last year’s Executive Orders made it a crime to possess a pistol brace if it’s attached to your firearm. Another criminalized homemade firearms in many situations. And many more Executive Orders are expected this year.

None of these orders were voted on in Congress.

But that hasn’t stopped Joe Biden from ordering Iowa cops to enforce these tyrannical mandates against gun owners like you and me. For that we need the Second Amendment Preservation Act.    

So please sign your petition, calling on your State Representative (and State Senator) to co-sponsor this legislation right away!


The Second Amendment Preservation Act — known as SAPA — would nullify the impact of Biden’s Executive Orders by instructing Iowa cops to only enforce gun laws that have been passed by the Iowa legislature!

In other words, SAPA would require Iowa’s troopers, deputies, and city cops to ignore all federal laws and Executive Orders that have anything to do with our gun rights.

It sounds simple, but the impact of SAPA would be massive.

You see, while it may be easy for Joe Biden to sign Executive Orders attacking gun owners, enforcing them is a whole separate issue. That’s because the federal government simply doesn’t have the manpower to do that on their own.

The truth is that for these Executive Orders to be used against gun owners, the federal government depends almost entirely on local law enforcement agencies to enforce it!       

So if the Iowa legislature enacts the Second Amendment Preservation Act, gun owners like you and me will be largely spared from the impact of Biden’s unconstitutional garbage!


To be very clear, SAPA isn’t a ‘pipe dream.’

Lawmakers in Missouri passed this identical legislation in 2021. As a result, Missouri law enforcement agencies across the state have ceased enforcing federal gun laws!

And while the Department of Justice has tried to overturn Missouri’s SAPA law in Circuit Court, the State Supreme Court, and Federal Court they have failed every single time!

But this wasn’t a surprise.

The Supreme Court has ruled for hundreds of years that the federal government cannot simply order the states to enforce laws or regulations that they disagree with. 

After all, our SAPA legislation doesn’t limit what the federal government can do here in Iowa. It just says that Iowa cops won’t help the feds enforce gun control.

If Joe Biden wants to send federal officers into Iowa to

enforce his agenda, SAPA law wouldn’t stop that. But again, Biden doesn’t have the manpower to do that. And, frankly, he can’t afford the political optics of that, either.

But SAPA doesn’t just protect gun owners here in Iowa, it also protects Iowa cops.

You see, the overwhelming majority of Iowa cops love freedom and the Second Amendment. And their biggest fear is having to choose between enforcing an unconstitutional gun control mandate…or disobeying an order and losing their job.

SAPA protects our cops from having to make this choice.


At the same time, when we pass SAPA, we need to be prepared for liberal cities like Des Moines, Iowa City, Waterloo, and others to violate it -– because they will try.

That’s what makes IGO’s SAPA law so powerful.

You see, if a police department violates SAPA law and enforces Biden’s Executive Orders, you would be able to sue that department in civil court.

SAPA means you don’t need to count on the Governor, the Attorney General, or any other government official to defend you. Our SAPA legislation puts the power into YOUR hands!

And with civil fines starting at $50,000 per occurrence, (like they do in Missouri) the reality is that insurance underwriters will be forcing these agencies to follow the law! 

The bottom line is that SAPA is the ONLY way to mute the impact of Joe Biden’s war against gun owners while also protecting our cops. SAPA law is doing this, right now, in Missouri. Now it’s our turn.  

Rep. Jeff Shipley is our lead sponsor in Des Moines.

But for this bill to advance, we need as many cosponsors as possible so that legislative leaders in both chambers know that passing SAPA is the TOP PRIORITY for gun owners!

So please sign the petition we have prepared for you, so that your legislators in Des Moines know that you expect to see their names on this legislation.


When you’re done signing your petition, I hope that you’ll then make a generous donation!

Iowa Gun Owners is trying to identify and mobilize 50,000 more gun owners here in Iowa using direct mail letters (similar to the email you’re reading now), text messages, mass emails, and digital ads. 

Our goal is to flood the legislature with calls, emails, petitions, and surveys all saying the same thing: we want to see SAPA legislation on Governor Reynolds’ desk!

But we need your help to make this happen.

So when you’ve completed your petition, please also make a donation of $50 or even $75!

I know that’s a lot, especially in the new year. But I have no choice but to ask. We need SAPA law on the books to make sure that Biden can’t weaponize our own cops against us.

And for that to happen, Iowa Gun Owners MUST increase our grassroots pressure in Des Moines!

So if $50 is not possible, I hope you’ll make a donation of $35, $25, $17.76 or even just $10.

Session is underway. The bill draft is complete. The next question is whether or not your State Representative and State Senator will stand with us and support the bill.

Help us crank up the heat! Please sign your petition immediately and then make a generous donation right away!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Joe Biden has lost control of the House, but that’s not stopping him from attacking our gun rights through Executive Orders…order he wants Iowa cops to enforce.  

That’s why IGO, along with Rep. Jeff Shipley, has filed the Second Amendment Preservation Act which instructs Iowa cops to only enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms!    

But for this bill to move, we need to add co-sponsors, fast! So please sign the petition we’ve prepared for you, urging your legislators to support this bill! 


And when you’re done, please consider making a donation of $75, $50, $25, $17.76 — or whatever you can afford — so we can rally more gun owners to this fight using texts, direct mail, mass emails, and more!