Iowa: Senate Leadership DETERMINED to Kill Multiple Pro-Gun Bills!

“Kansas lawmakers approve concealed carry without permit!” March 25, 2015

“New Hampshire State Senate has passed a bill to repeal the license requirement for carrying a concealed handgun.” February 22, 2015

“Constitutional carry, or permitless carry, has passed the West Virginia Senate with an astonishing 32 to 2 vote.” February 28, 2015

When Iowa Gun Owners first began to push for Constitutional Carry in 2009, people said we were nuts.

The media, the blogs, the establishment gun lobby, and legislators – it seemed like everyone thought that the idea of simply honoring the 2nd Amendment and allowing law abiding Iowans to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense without needing government permission was crazy.

Since then, as more and more politicians here in Iowa and around the country have lost their re-elections due to their votes against Constitutional Carry, what was crazy is now becoming mainstream as you can tell from the headlines above.

And why shouldn’t it?

Do Americans need permits to exercise free speech?

Do we need a permit to vote?

Do we need a permit to attend the church of our choice?

So why do we need a permit to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights?

We don’t.

Already in states like Vermont, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Wyoming, and most of Montana, law abiding citizens are free to carry defensive firearms without needing government permission.

Shortly we’ll be adding states to that list.

Constitutional Carry is a very simple concept. If you’re legally allowed to own a gun, you can carry a gun for self-defense without needing government permission

While changing none of the current disqualifiers on who can’t possess a firearm, it acknowledges the fact that criminals don’t obtain permits, go through mandated training, or pay hefty fees when they acquire a weapon.

Here in Iowa, Constitutional Carry is being held up by the same Senators that are blocking Stand-Your-Ground legislation: Senator Steve Sodders and Senator Mike Gronstal.

While we’ve focused this year primarily on Stand-Your-Ground legislation, it’s vital that you understand how many solid gun bills are being KILLED this session by Judiciary Chairman Steve Sodders and Majority Leader Mike Gronstal!

Senate File 400 was introduced earlier this session by pro-gun legislator Rick Bertrand, with the backing of 16 additional senators. 16!

However, the bill has been locked down by Judiciary Committee Chairman Steve Sodders who refused to even call for a sub-committee on the bill!

More, he assigned some of the most radically anti-gun members of his caucus to the sub-committee in a clear move designed to kill the bill.

Capitol insiders report that Chairman Sodders and Majority Leader Gronstal are simply determined to kill both Stand-Your-Ground (SF137) which we have talked about a lot this year and Constitutional Carry (SF400) this year!

At the same time, they are making a great deal of noise about advancing other peripheral gun bills in a desperate attempt to convince their voters that they are pro-gun.

Anti-gunners in Des Moines are scared.

They should be.

Their colleagues keep getting booted out of office as word of their anti-gun voting history makes it’s way back to their districts courtesy of Iowa Gun Owners.

In the past these anti-gunners could presume that almost no one would find out what they had done in the Capitol – but those days are over as former legislators like Daryl Beall, Pat Murphy, Dan Muhlbauer can attest to.

As the session progresses in Des Moines, please help us make sure the legislature knows that their deliberate actions to destroy Constitutional Carry legislation will be remembered just like you’ll remember their efforts to kill Stand-Your-Ground law.

A refusal to advance this critical legislation is the same as a NO vote.

Please take a moment to help us advance our gun rights in Iowa by:

1. Calling Senator Sodders and Senator Gronstal right now at 515-281-3371 and insist that they take action on SF400 this session!

2. Sending Senator Sodders and Senator Gronstal a message on their Facebook page, reminding them that you are watching their actions and will hold them and their colleagues accountable if they kill these pro-gun bills.

3. Sending this email to as many pro-gun enthusiasts as you can. These legislators are doing all they can to keep this quiet. Help us spread the word!

Don’t let Senator Sodders and Senator Gronstal get away with killing Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry legislation! Make sure they know you are watching them.

Remind them that they can pass all the side gun-bills they want – you’ll remember their actions against the substantive gun bills of 2015 in the fall of 2016!

And if you can, please chip in $5 or $10 to help us keep the pressure on Sodders and Gronstal and their pals in Des Moines.

We’re working around the clock to get informational mail out the door, launch targeted social media posts, to inform gun owners, working gun shows state wide, and more.

Please help us keep the pressure up

Thank you for your activism in defense of the 2nd Amendment here in Iowa!

 For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. While state after state is lining up to advance Constitutional Carry legislation this year, Judiciary Chairman Steve Sodders and Majority Leader Mike Gronstal are determined to kill Constitutional Carry legislation in Iowa!

The bill, SF400, introduced by Senator Rick Bertrand and the backing of 16 additional Senators, would simply allow Iowans to carry defensive firearms without needing government permission – the way it’s done right now in Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont, Alaska, Wyoming and most of Montana.

So while these anti-gun leaders are killing Stand-Your-Ground law, they are also working to make sure that Constitutional Carry law dies this year, too. They just hope you don’t hear about it.

Make sure Senators’ Sodders and Gronstal know that you’ll hold them and their caucus accountable for their actions on these two bills – no matter what other bills they try to pass in an attempt to obtain political cover!

Call them now at 515-281-3371 or send Steve Sodders or Mike Gronstal a message right now via Facebook!