Iowa’s Anti-Gunners Attack “High-Cap” Magazines!!

This is urgent.

Please take a moment to read this email carefully and take action immediately.

As you know, the gun grabbers nationwide are working overtime now to cram gun control down our throats in the wake of the recent mass shootings that have occurred.

We’ve watched our friends in other states lose their gun rights – this year – through their state general assembly.

Here in Iowa, we’ve enjoyed a somewhat quiet first month in the general assembly.

All that is over now.

Late last week, the House Democrats introduced sweeping legislation (HF 164) that would require ALL firearms transactions in Iowa be registered with the government.

While claiming that registration will help to stop crime, what this does, in reality, is to establish a state wide gun registry.

This is especially concerning in light of Rep. Dan Muhlbauer’s proposal from earlier this year to ban and confiscate ALL semi-automatics in the state. Before he could enact his house-to-house gun ban, he’d need to know where the guns are. HF164 would give him the list he wants!

While it may seem absurd, because it is, this would mean that you can not give your old hunting rifle to your grandson without getting government permission first!

You wouldn’t be able to give your adult daughter a self-defense firearm when she moves out of your home.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the last thing we need in Iowa is the government knowing exactly who owns what kind of guns.

But I just left the Capitol after meeting with some of the pro-gun legislators there and learned that the gun-grabbers have also introduced HF163 – a permanent state level ban on the transfer of all “high cap” magazines.

This language would:

*** Ban the sale or transfer of every magazine in Iowa that holds more than 10 rounds;

*** Leave us one quick step away from a ban on all magazines that you currently own;

*** Make violators of this statute a convicted FELON and liable for fines in excess of $6,000!

(Please understand that while the technical term for the sentence is an aggravated misdemeanor, a conviction under this statute carries a two year jail sentence. Any conviction or sentence of 365 days or more is seen as a felony conviction in the eyes of state and federal authorities.)

This is outrageous!

“But you don’t need more than 10 rounds to go hunting” the gun grabbers will say. “Only a mass murderer needs more than a few rounds” the media will complain.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the anti-gunners trying to make me feel guilty for being a gun owner!

I’m sick of their attempts to make us cower in shame as though it was a law abiding gun owner will murdered 20 children last year at Sandy Hook Elementary!

It was a blood-thirsty killer and the anti-gunners so-called “Gun Free Zones” that are to blame for these recent tragedies – not you and me.

We can not give in now. If we do, the anti-gunners will press on and take away even more of our rights and freedoms, as they did in New York State just last month.

Please get involved immediately by:

1. Contacting the House Judiciary Chairman, Chip Baltimore, and insist that he use his power as Committee Chairman to “kill” HF 163 and HF 164 by taking no action on these bills. You can contact him at: [email protected] or by calling the Capitol switchboard at 515-281-3221.

2. Calling your personal Representative immediately and making sure that he or she knows that you expect them to “vote no to gun control” at every step in this process. The sub-committee, full committee, a Floor vote – these are all places to stop this legislation in its tracks. You can find out who your State Representative is right here.

3. Please take a moment to send this alert to every pro-gun friend you have. They are coming after us now. They want your mags, your semi-autos, you right to not tell the government what guns you own – they want it all. And we need ALL Iowa gun owners involved in this fight. Tell them to go to our website at to get free alerts and be engaged in this fight!

Please make your calls and emails today. Let’s stop this legislation now, before it gathers a head of steam.

If you want to join or support Iowa Gun Owners in this fight, click the “Join IGO” link below.

    For Freedom,  
   Aaron Dorr
   Executive Director

   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Certain House Democrats are relentlessly pursuing their agenda of gun control this session.

Just in the last few days they’ve introduced bills to create a state wide gun registry and now a bill to ban sale and transfer of all magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.

Please help IGO defeat this legislation by contacting the House Judiciary Chairman, Chip Baltimore, and insist that he “kill” HF163 and HF164 by taking no action on these bills.

If you want to join IGO or support our efforts in this fight you may get involved by clicking the image below.