Iowa’s Elite Anti-Gun Lobby

This week as I stood in the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting watching the committee discussing mental health reform and gun control, I saw a sadly familiar sight.

The most unified and organized anti-gun lobby force in the state was out in force: the Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies Association (ISSDA).

The ISSDA was there doing what they do best, using the intimidation factor of their uniform to tell the General Assembly that they need to clamp down on gun rights, amongst other things.

This week’s arguments were blanketed about a concern over mental health. Next month it will be something else.

The ISSDA has been the most vocal opponent of gun rights in the state for years.

Over the last couple of years the ISSDA has loudly opposed:

* Constitutional Carry

* Stand-Your-Ground

* Repeal of the Permit to Purchase

* Shall Issue legislation

I could go on.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact our board chairman, retired Sheriff Jim Schwiesow from Sioux County, himself the ISSDA sheriff of the year multiple times, remembers coming to the Capitol to lobby FOR gun bills.

Imagine that, your county sheriff actually fighting at the Capitol FOR your Constitutional rights.

In Iowa, that is no longer the case.

Instead, the ISSDA, which is largely funded BY YOUR TAX DOLLARS, spends over $50,000 every year lobbying against the 2nd Amendment. $50,000…think about that.

(To be fair – not every sheriff and deputy in Iowa support this agenda. Some, in fact, very openly disagree with ISSDA’s lobby efforts at the Capitol.)

By way of comparison, the ISSDA’s sister organization in Utah, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association, issued a press release a few days ago in light of President Obama’s proposal to enact a permanent ban on many modern utility rifles that you and I use for self-defense.

Instead of clamoring for gun control as they do in Iowa, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association press release ended with this powerfully inspiring quote: “We, like you, (referring to the President) swore a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and we are prepared to trade our lives for the preservation of its traditional interpretation.”

They would “trade their lives” to defend the Constitution – to defend the gun rights of the citizens of Utah.

As retired Sheriff Schwiesow said, “That’s what the ISSDA should be doing in Iowa – that’s what we did when I was a part of the legislative liaison committee at ISSDA.”

I’m sure you would like to know what changed in the ISSDA just like I would.

Here’s what we need you to do:

1. Contact the ISSDA immediately using the information below. Demand that they stop supporting gun control. Remind them of what their associates in Utah just did and remind them of what their own organization used to do.

2. Contact your county board of supervisors. You see, many county budgets include automatic payments to ISSDA on behalf of their sheriff’s department. Encourage your county supervisors to pull their funding until the ISSDA stops advocating for gun control.

3. Please consider chipping in a few dollars to enable us to fight against gun control. Your $10 or $20 donation will help us send out that much more mail and email sounding the alarm here in Iowa.

Here’s who you should call:

ISSDA President – Sheriff Jerry Dunbar, Washington County, 319-653-2107.

ISSDA Secretary/Treasurer- Deputy Don DeKock, Mahaska County, 641-673-8403.

ISSDA 1st Vice President – Sheriff Brian Gardner, Linn County, 319-892-6100.

ISSDA 2nd Vice President – Major John Godar, Linn County, 319-892-6100.

Please make these calls today, it’s time for the ISSDA to remember their job is to DEFEND the Constitution.

   For Freedom,  
   Aaron Dorr
   Executive Director

   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The ISSDA has been fighting against your gun rights for years, spending over $50,000 a year doing it. What’s more, much of that money is YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

Not too many years ago, the ISSDA was lobbying at the Capitol in FAVOR of gun rights.

Now the Utah sheriffs’ Association just came out with a statement where they told President Obama that they would “trade their lives” to defend the Constitutional right of their citizens to own firearms.

Please call the Executive Committee of the ISSDA today and demand that they stop their efforts to clamp down on your gun rights.

Finally, please consider helping Iowa Gun Owners today with a contribution of $10 or $20 to enable us to maintain our fight to defend the 2nd Amendment in Iowa.