Israel, Gun Control, Open Borders, and Your Gun Rights

The entire world has been watching events unfold in Israel since teams of Palestinian soldiers stormed the country last weekend, killing thousands of civilians, including 27 Americans.

This attack has the potential to spin into an all-out war.

And, just like the war in Ukraine has become a proxy war between Russia and America, this war, too, could become a proxy war between America and Iran.

In fact, some politicians, like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, are calling for open war with Iran today. Graham has urged Biden to bomb the country immediately.

But while the politicians address (and likely screw up) the geopolitical issues, I hope it wasn’t lost on you that this attack was enabled because Israel has disarmed her citizens.

(The attack in Israel included waves of Palestinians who came over the border in 2-man teams, using paragliders.)

It may come as a surprise to some of you to know that in a part of the world that has seen virtually continuous armed conflict for decades, Israel won’t let her citizens own firearms!

As a result, once the border was stormed, the nation presented a very soft target. And the Palestinians took advantage of it.

The videos of unarmed citizens being murdered while fleeing the Tribe of Nova music festival are difficult to watch.

Over 250 people died there, alone.

In the wake of this disaster, Israeli media have been promoting stories of citizens like Inbar Lieberman, a 25-yr old woman in charge of security in her town of Nir Am.

Hearing gunfire and seeing the paragliders overhead, Lieberman ran to a government armory to arm 12 people and then led the team to engage the Palestinians.

Lieberman killed 5 soldiers herself, and saved her town.

But note that Lieberman was unarmed. Her neighbors were unarmed. They had no firearms in their homes. And had she not been able to access the armory, they would have likely all been murdered.

Israel is now trying to do damage control for their gun control policies that left their citizens completely helpless.

Their Minister of National Security, Ben Gvir, announced this week that they were buying 10,000 rifles to give to citizens who live in the West Bank.

This complete reversal of Israel’s long-standing policy of disarming their citizens is good news…albeit way too late.

So while Joe Biden and Democrats across America are working feverishly to ban AR-15s and 30-round magazines, Israel is trying to pass them out to their citizens as fast as they can.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Then redouble your commitment to helping us stop the Radical Left from banning our firearms, accessories, or ammunition!

But that’s not the only take away from this situation, because coming after our gun rights is not the only thing that Joe Biden is doing to destabilize and topple America.

In less than three years, Biden’s open border policy has allowed 5,800,000 illegal aliens into the country. These are people that we do not know, that have not been vetted, and that could easily have been sent here to attack America.

And tucked away in this 5.8 million, are at least 70,000 ‘special interest aliens,’ people coming into our country from nations that sponsor or harbor terrorists!

The map above is extremely alarming, to say the least.

The United States Customs and Border Patrol’s official numbers — never mind the people who slip in illegally — show that we’re admitting people from Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, and many other countries with NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE!

In fact, in their recent report on this, Customs and Border Patrol admitted that a large number of these people are military aged males between 18 and 45!

Of course, ‘blue’ states and cities have been welcoming these folks with welcome arms…

…until the last few months, when it became clear that the trickle was turning into a tsunami that threatened the infrastructure and safety of these cities.

In Rochester and Buffalo, New York, the number of sexual assaults committed by these ‘refugees’ is so high that Kathy Hochul had to literally call out the National Guard!

But these people are now here.

And while many may have legitimately fled their counties in fear for their lives, certainly there is a percentage who have come here with hostile intentions.

And they aren’t going to leave of their own accord.

(Mass numbers of ‘refugees’ waiting outside of a Manhattan, NY hotel for a room. Do you see any women? How about any children?)

As you know, we ordinarily ask you to give donations to Iowa Gun Owners and our national affiliate, to make sure that we have the ability to defend your gun rights in Des Moines and D.C.

But today, we’re not going to do that.

For today, take any donation that you would have given to us and go out and buy some 5.56 or .308 ammo, to make sure that you have the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones.

The world that we all grew up in is changing, fast, and not for the better.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners