Gun Control on Steroids!

‘Gun owners in Iowa need to sit up and realize that it’s not the Fall of 2016 anymore, and they have lost the momentum in the fight for the Second Amendment.’

This is what a long-time political consultant in Iowa told me in a meeting late this week, after watching clips from the recent democratic gubernatorial primary.

And honestly, he’s mostly right.

You see, in the fall of 2016, Iowa Gun Owners members crushed the anti-gun state senate and removed six of six anti-gun incumbents.

This led to the flip of the Iowa Senate and a pro-gun legislature for the first time since the 1990’s — and also made it possible to pass Stand-Your-Ground law in 2017.

But that was then.

The landscape looks a lot different in Iowa now, as it does around the nation, in the fight for the Second Amendment.

Simply put: gun owners are losing momentum in Iowa.

Don’t take my word for it, take a look around at where we are legislatively and in the court of public opinion.

In the last legislative session, House leadership lost their nerve and killed Constitutional Carry, stating that they don’t have the votes to pass it –- the same bill that is already law in over a dozen other states.

Last session also saw concerted efforts to repeal Iowa’s ‘Shall Issue’ legislation, and loud calls to ban AR15’s, 30 round magazines, and more!

And right now, in advance of the June 5 primary, anti-gun democratic gubernatorial primary candidates are racing to see who can have the most radical gun control agenda!

You see, even though Hillary Clinton ran on a hard core gun control platform here in Iowa — and lost by a smashing 10% — current day gubernatorial primary candidates are betting the tide has turned back in their favor.

And make no mistake, they are not talking about ‘minor gun control,’ whatever that means.

First, check out what Nate Boulton, a member of the Iowa Senate, wants to do as your next Governor.

>>> Watch the video here.

Now, of course Senator Boulton is ridiculously factually incorrect about the impact of Stand-Your-Ground law. But his agenda includes repeal of this hard-won law, at a minimum!

Then check out what Fred Hubbell, the frontrunner, has to say about your gun rights.

>>> Watch the video here.

Of course, the idea that out of state money is funding our fight for gun rights is absurd. In fact, it’s NYC’s Michael Bloomberg who is spending money trying to crush gun rights all over the country!

And while he’s more careful in his language, it’s obvious that a Hubbell administration would seek to outlaw the popular AR15 and hundreds of related rifles!

More, Hubbell believes that public safety and the Second Amendment are at odds, despite the fact that public safety always increases as Second Amendment freedoms increase.

In other words, under a Hubbell administration, our gun rights would constantly be under attack.

But Boulton and Hubbell are nothing compared to gubernatorial candidate Cathy Glasson, who has declared an ALL OUT WAR against gun owners here in Iowa!

>>> Watch the video here.

A complete ban on the AR-15 and hundreds of related firearms!

A 72-hour waiting period to buy a firearm, tough luck if a crazed-ex is stalking you.

A total firearms registration program, always the first step towards firearms confiscation.

And, she’s previously stated her desire to ban and confiscate all mags over 10 rounds capacity!

And before you write these three and their radical ideas off as being fringe candidates, you should know that they are leading the pack of democratic gubernatorial candidates in Iowa!

Having fought in the trenches in Iowa for ten years now, I can tell you that I’ve never seen such motivated enemies of the Second Amendment.

And gun owners need to get ready for a battle, once again.

This year it is going to be essential that Iowa Gun Owners continue to expose anti-gun candidates, allowing you and other gun owners to continue to kick gun grabbers to the curb.

After all, the best defense for our gun rights is a cut throat offense.

And that’s why I’m asking for your help.

If you are not yet a member of Iowa Gun Owners, please become one immediately!

You can choose from a variety of membership levels based on what kind of swag you want to receive.

But I need you to get involved in this fight, now.

If you are already a member of Iowa Gun Owners, please make a special contribution to help us get ready for an all-out battle this fall.

Iowa Gun Owners educational programs in the election cycle are legendary, mobilizing tens of thousands of gun owners who have booted dozens of gun-grabbers out of office.

But I need help to run these costly programs.

Your gift, be that $5, $50 or $500, will enable us to go to war for gun owners — so please be generous.

There is no neutral, no pause button, in the fight for gun rights.

We are either gaining ground, or we are losing ground.

By standing together and holding our lawmakers accountable, gun owners in Iowa have beaten back gun control, expanded our gun rights, and retired dozens of gun-grabbers.

But that was then, this is now, and this new wave of anti-gun candidates are the most extreme we’ve seen yet.

Help us get ready!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Gun grabbers in Iowa are fired up and mobilizing in a way that we’ve not seen in over ten years here in Iowa.

More, leading democratic gubernatorial candidates are making their agenda very clear, and they are seeking to ban and confiscate everything they can!

Check out the videos that we’ve included above.

Gun owners in Iowa need to prepare for an all-out war this fall. Help Iowa Gun Owner prepare by making a generous donation TODAY.

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