Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Madness Comes to Iowa!

For years, radical leftist zealot and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been on a rampage to dictate how you get to live your life.

Whether it be banning soft drinks over 16oz, banning Styrofoam cups, forcing retailers to keep their tobacco products hidden from public sight, or limiting how much salt you can have on your food in restaurants – the elitist goals of Mayor Bloomberg know no limits.

Gun owners will recognize the name of Mayor Bloomberg at once as he’s become perhaps the most public face to the most aggressive attempt to clamp down on our gun rights in a generation.

And while Mayor Bloomberg’s tyrannical fist may seem far away from gun owners here in Iowa – it’s a lot closer than you think. More on that in a minute.

While some anti-gunners couch their words and their agenda carefully and don’t reveal it fully, Mayor Bloomberg is very clear on his radical agenda which includes:

***  A permanent ban on modern utility rifles; these are the      rifles that hundreds of thousands of law abiding      citizens own and use for self-defense, hunting, and as      a final resort against tyranny.

***  A permanent ban on standard capacity magazines; these      are standard features on modern rifles and are vital if      one is facing multiple attackers. Iowa HF 163,      introduced this year, would do just that and put you in      prison for owning one.

***  Putting your grandfather in prison for passing along a      piece of his firearms collection to you – without      getting government permission first. This too was tried      in Iowa this year under HF164, which would require      registration of EVERY firearms transfer.

Grandfather to grandson, father to adult daughter, brother to brother – every transfer of every firearm would need to be registered with the government, leaving them with a coveted list on every gun and gun owner in the state.

Bloomberg and his cronies don’t just want to take away your right of self-defense, they want to destroy our culture of personal responsibility and freedom.


(Mayor Bloomberg, safely flanked by armed bodyguards, wants to ban all kinds of firearms and accessories – leaving you and your family defenseless.)

In his mind, your job is to patiently wait for the police to come while being savagely attacked in your own home, having surrendered your firearms to the government.

It would be one thing if Bloomberg kept his crazy ideas in NYC.

However, taking a sizeable chunk of his personal fortune estimated to be over a billion dollars, Bloomberg has formed “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” (MAIG) an organization trying to get mayors from all over the country to join in with his snobbish schemes.

Which brings us back to Iowa.

You see, Bloomberg’s ideas are starting to directly impact your gun rights here in Iowa now too as Iowa mayors from Des Moines to Fairfield, and Dubuque to Cedar Falls are joining up with his organization.

Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, a long time member of this coalition, is following the talking points from MAIG to the letter.

Using his position as Des Moines Mayor, Cownie is urging the legislature to ban modern utility rifles, the magazines that are used in them, and pass universal registration laws.

Ironically- at a time when Iowa mayors are joining this gun-grabbing organization – other mayors from across the country are jumping ship left and right, not wanting to tie their political careers to the baggage that has become Mayor Bloomberg.

Just in the last day, mayors from Illinois and New Hampshire have announced they are leaving MAIG

But not here in Iowa.

Here is a complete listing of the Iowa mayors who are members of MAIG:

Jon Crews, Cedar Falls, (319) 268-5119

William Gluba, Davenport, (563) 326-7701

Donald Arendt, Decorah, (563) 382-5370

Frank Cownie, Des Moines, (515) 283-4944

Roy Buol, Dubuque, (563) 564-5455

Edward Malloy, Fairfield, (641) 472-6193

Matt Hayek, Iowa City, (319) 321-6598

Buck Clark, Waterloo, (319) 291-4301

While not all are as vocal as Mayor Cownie, all of these mayors are publicly challenging our 2nd Amendment freedoms here in Iowa.

Their ideas are taking on some traction as we’ve seen legislation introduced this year that we’ve not seen in a long time in Iowa.

Mayor Cownie, for example, has been traveling around the country attending conferences trying to figure out a way to clamp down on gun rights for some time.

At the Capitol, it’s very common to see city officials there in their official capacity lobbying against gun rights.

It’s time that these mayors heard from law abiding gun owners here in Iowa.

Feel free to contact the mayors listed above and tell them to stop coming after our 2nd Amendment rights here in Iowa and stop associating with out of state interest groups that are trying to erode our way of life

This year, with your help, we were able to stop legislative pushes towards banning modern utility rifles, “high cap” magazines, and efforts to make your grandfather a criminal for passing along his old hunting rifle to you.

Rest assured we’ll be there next year, and the year after that, maintaining our defense of your 2nd Amendment rights.

But please, take a moment to help us out by contacting these mayors and insist that they do their job and take care of their citizens – not follow the whims of a power-hungry zealot in NYC.

Knowing that we’ll be fighting these issues again in 2014, please help IGO “reload” for the next session

Your donation of $20 will enable IGO to send out that many more pieces of targeted mail, target that many more internet ads, and fire off more emails to targeted voters when the pressure is on next session.

Please do what you can today.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Not content with telling residents of New York City how much soda they can drink or how much salt they can have on their popcorn in a theatre, billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg is also trying to get local mayors right here in Iowa to use their positions to lobby against your gun rights.

And they are listening.

From Des Moines to Dubuque, and Cedar Falls to Fairfield – Iowa mayors are joining up with this effort, at the same time that mayors from other states are jumping ship realizing how crazy Bloomberg’s ideas truly are.

Take a moment to contact the mayors (listed above) and insist that they stop calling for gun control here in Iowa and focus on the job that their citizens elected them to do.

While we were able to fend off these proposals that the mayors lobbied for this session, we are low on funds. With next year being an election year, capitol insiders expect a major gun control push from the anti-gunners so as to score political points with their base.

Help IGO prepare for these fights by chipping in $20 TODAY!