Legislative Session Begins, Threats to Gun Rights Emerge

The 2013 legislative session is officially underway as of today and Iowa Gun Owners staff was on hand to watch as pro-gun stalwarts like Representative Tom Shaw, Representative Jason Schultz , and Representative Dwayne Alons got sworn back into office.

We were also pleased to watch other newly elected office holders get sworn in who won their seats in part due to the help they received from IGO PAC.

It’s vital to have strong, pro-gun legislators in the General Assembly, and we are going to need them this year more than ever before.

This is going to be a tough session as you all know.

Semi-auto bans, high cap magazine bans, registration schemes – everything is on the table this year in the gun-grabber’s minds. With the Des Moines Register whipping the anti-gun lobby into a frenzy, anti-gun legislators are sensing momentum.


(Iowa Gun Owners’ Aaron Dorr (at left) with Representatives’ Shaw, Schultz, and Heartsill (L to R) on the opening day of the 2013 session.)

Already today we heard whisperings of soon to be introduced legislation that would drastically overhaul Iowa’s mental health reform laws that may open the door to reclassifying thousands of Iowans as mentally unfit to possess defensive firearms.

More will likely be coming very soon.

Iowa Gun Owners is going to be on hand for this entire session making sure that you are alerted with up to date information whenever there is a threat to your gun rights.

And while some organizations and some supposedly pro-gun legislators in Iowa are already conceding the fight and looking to strike a deal with the anti-gunners – you can rest assured that we will never compromise away your rights.

We don’t come to the Capitol to get invited to the swanky lobbyist cocktail parties or to “buddy up” with anti-gunners hoping to make them “like us” enough to save our gun rights.

We are there to fight for your gun rights – period.

With your help, we will be able to stop these assaults on our gun rights this year and secure a strong 2nd Amendment here in Iowa to pass on to our children and grand-children.

Please keep up to date with the most recent developments by watching for these emails. Also, if you’ve not done so, take a moment to “Like” us on Facebook where we can put out even more up-to-date alerts

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   Aaron Dorr
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   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The 2013 legislative session is underway and IGO is already learning of potential threats to our gun rights.  Keep up to date this year with attacks on your 2nd Amendment freedoms by keeping an eye on these emails and “Like Us” on our Facebook page