Line: Breaking…SAPA Passes Senate Sub-Committee!

Things are moving fast here in Des Moines, as politicians are hearing from gun owners about the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA)!

Late this week, we announced that State Representative Jeff Shipley has filed SAPA legislation for Iowa Gun Owners in the Iowa House of Representatives.

But at the same time, identical SAPA legislation in the Iowa Senate (S.F. 2002) passed through a Senate Judiciary Committee sub-committee by a vote of 2-1 and is ready for a vote in the full Judiciary Committee! 

In almost fifteen years of fighting for gun rights, I’ve never seen a gun bill of this size move through the sub-committee process so quickly! Clearly, the politicians in Des Moines are hearing from gun owners!


As a reminder, SAPA legislation is very straightforward. It acknowledges the fact that Iowa is a sovereign state, and as such, we can’t be forced to enforce federal gun control laws (or Executive Orders) that we disagree with.

What’s more, our SAPA legislation has teeth!

Should a liberal city here in Iowa choose to violate SAPA law and order the officers to enforce federal gun control laws anyway, this legislation allows individual gun owners to take that agency to civil court, where fines start at $50,000!

This issue has been adjudicated before the Supreme Court almost a dozen times, and every time this issue comes up, the court has ruled that the feds MAY NOT simply force the states to spend their money and use their manpower to enforce federal laws!

To be clear, SAPA legislation doesn’t preclude the federal government from using its own manpower to enforce its own laws. But that’s the whole point, the feds simply lack the manpower needed to do that. So if we deny them the help of Iowa cops, Biden’s war on gun owners will collapse here in Iowa!


The left can scream all they want to, but never forget, they started this when they offered sanctuary status to violent illegal aliens that President Trump tried to have exported from our country during his four years in the White House.

And if the radical left had the right to refuse to cooperate with the Trump Administration to protect violent illegal aliens, the Iowa legislature can certainly refuse to cooperate with the Biden Administration’s efforts to attack law abiding gun owners!

Biden’s handlers are terrified about the ramification of SAPA law. You see, Missouri passed SAPA last year, and now it’s spreading in other states.

And the left knows that if ‘Red America’ starts passing SAPA en masse, like they have done with the Constitutional Carry, it will forever emasculate Joe Biden’s war on our freedoms!

But we’re a long way from the victory line in Des Moines.

The Iowa Firearms Coalition is officially opposing SAPA legislation in the Capitol, supposedly on orders from the NRA, which is very much opposed to SAPA legislation.

(Of course, as we get closer to the finish line, expect them to come on board with this bill, just like they did with Constitutional Carry last year.)


That’s why Iowa Gun Owners needs your immediate support, so we can crank up the heat and remind the politicians in Des Moines that with Biden on the warpath, we expect them to make passing SAPA their TOP PRIORITY!

It took grassroots pressure to advance Constitutional Carry through the Iowa House last year.

It took grassroots pressure to advance Constitutional Carry through the Iowa Senate last year.

It took grassroots pressure to advance Constitutional Carry across the Governor’s desk last year.

Now we need to do it again. So please make a generous donation to help Iowa Gun Owners fight for SAPA, right away!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. IGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) is on the move in Des Moines as the bill was filed in the Iowa House this week by Rep. Shipley — while the Senate version already passed the sub-committee!

SAPA legislation would effectively shut down Biden’s war on gun owners by requiring Iowa cops to enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms and ammunition. And without local help, Biden’s gun control agenda will collapse under its own weight!


But we are a long way from finishing this fight. So please make an immediate donation to help Iowa Gun Owners crank up the heat for this legislation in Des Moines!