MAJOR Update on Constitutional Carry!

Your hard work is paying off big time in Des Moines!

As we have been telling you over the last week to ten days, there has been a lot of noise in the Capitol over Constitutional Carry legislation as state after state has passed this bill just in the last two weeks!

With your help, we’ve been flooding the Capitol with calls and emails demanding action on this bill.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce that the House and Senate are rolling out Constitutional Carry legislation in both chambers, in direct response to your grassroots activism!

 If you missed our video update on this from late yesterday you can watch it on our Facebook page here, or on our YouTube channel by clicking on the box below!

Like you just heard, this is fantastic news, but this is NO TIME to sit back and consider our work done.

Help us pour on the pressure for this legislation, by taking three steps immediately!

First, send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL in support of Constitutional Carry immediately, even if you’ve already sent one before!

Second, forward this email or at least the link to the pre-written email campaign to every gun owner you know, and urge them to use this platform to contact their politicians, too!

Third, make a donation to help us continue hammering away with our radio ads, digital ads, and much more! Now is the time to pour it on them and make sure we finish this!

We’ve come so far in our fight to make Iowa the next Constitutional Carry state; take action today to help us finish this fight!


For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. We are seeing major movement on Constitutional Carry legislation in Des Moines, in direct response to the massive amount of grassroots pressure being applied by IGO members!

Watch our video update here.

Send an email to Des Moines supporting Constitutional Carry here.

Make a donation to help us keep our radio and digital ads running here.