Mental health reform in Iowa and your rights…

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee met to discuss mental health reform in Iowa.

Democrat Wally Horn (D-35) asked about ways that the legislature can “preemptively stop” the next mass shooting incident by adjusting the mental health laws.

I shudder just thinking about that…the government deciding, IN ADVANCE, who is likely to commit a crime.

Like every law abiding Iowa gun owner, the last thing I want is for someone who is criminally deranged to have access to a firearm.

In fact, that’s why we fight to kept law abiding Iowans armed – to stop deranged people who are bent on committing murder.

But the last thing that we need is for the state of Iowa to open the door on the definition of mental health and thereby declare entire classes of people unfit to possess firearms.

This is a serious issue, and it affects Iowa’s veterans the most.

You see, one of the gun grabber’s dreams is to declare anyone who’s been exposed to any combat situation as having Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) Once declared as such, the vet would lose his gun rights until someone clears him sometime down the road.

Good luck with that.

Under President Bill Clinton’s administration, due to an adjustment in the code regarding mental health, 83,000 vets had their names added to the banned list and never even heard about it until they went to buy their next firearm.

The gun grabbers in Iowa are smart and they are, so far, not trying a frontal assault on our gun rights just yet.

Instead, they are using this avenue to potentially alter the gun rights of entire classes of people and leaving you and I with little recourse.

If passed, so called “mental health reforms” could include things like:

*** A permanent ban on anyone who was declared to have PTSD after seeing combat – WITHOUT the benefits of a trial;

*** Allowing a mere “psychiatric diagnosis” to be enough to seize your guns – again without the benefits of a trial;

*** The confiscation of weapons from older Iowans who have trouble managing their checkbooks or medication, as the Federal Government has recently tried to do by adjusting the definition of the word “defective”;

*** The banning of firearms in any house where a resident is on certain types of prescribed medications. If your child was ever diagnosed with ADHD as a child, they could be at risk as an adult.

*** Mandated mental health screening of all children entering school.


*** Mandated mental health screening of all prospective gun owners.

Clearly this is a wide open door, one that the gun grabbers are trying to storm through as they look for ways to crack down on our gun rights.

This is even more dangerous when you consider that some “mental health experts” believe that a full 25% of the US population is mentally defective and needs treatment!

I’m sure you’ll agree that having the government have this kind of power is extremely dangerous and needs to be stopped – now!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Please contact Senate Judiciary Chairman Rob Hogg IMMEDIATELY and demand that he not use the guise of mental health as an excuse to crack down on our gun rights. You can contact him at: [email protected]

2. Then take a moment to contact your Representative and Senator and let them know what you expect of them. You can find out who your representatives are here.

3. Consider helping IGO in our efforts to DEFEAT gun control with a $20 contribution. Your donation will be put immediately to this fight by helping us reach out to more and more Iowans.

Please make your calls and emails today.

   For Freedom,  
   Aaron Dorr
   Executive Director

   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The gun grabbers at the Capitol are using a new tactic to restrict your gun rights here in Iowa: so-called mental health reform.

If they get their way, you may lose your gun rights if you’ve ever had ADHD as a child, saw combat as a vet, have certain types of prescribed medication in your home, and more!

The gun grabbers are hoping to use this as a flank attack on our gun rights hoping to catch you off guard. Please contact the Senate Judiciary Chairman right away and then call your own Representative and Senator.

Finally, please consider helping IGO maintain our fight to defend our 2nd Amendment rights here in Iowa with a gift of $20.