Most Dangerous Anti-Gun Bill of 2013 Introduced in Des Moines!

While the snow in Des Moines may have sent the General Assembly home early this week – they did not go home without dropping the most dangerous bill of this legislative session into play.

The gun-grabbers in Iowa have been hearing from you, loud and clear.

They know that you are watching their every move when it comes to the ban on transferring “high cap” mags.

Their proposal to mandate universal gun registration in Iowa, the “Make Grandpa a Felon” bill, has raised a major ruckus.

So they have adapted, by bringing forth SF233.

Senate File 233 was introduced into the Senate Education Committee just a day ago.

Isn’t that cute, gun control hidden inside an education bill…

This bill, at its heart, has the same end goal: virtually complete gun registration in Iowa.

The gun-grabbers are desperate to walk away this session with the means in place to eventually have a list of every gun and every gun owner in Iowa.

However, unlike their previous attempts, SF233 is wrapped in perfectly reasonable language in a vain attempt to make it harder for you and me to oppose it.

SF233 makes it a first-degree murder charge to knowingly murder a first responder – of course gun owners would have no problem with that.

It also mandates that schools have a safety plan in place in the event of a school shooting or other type of assault. We would hope that all schools have this already, and certainly wouldn’t oppose this.

However, SF233 then reveals it’s true purpose of total gun registration in Iowa by mandating that virtually every firearm transaction in the state be conducted only after getting a “mother may I” card from the government.

The only difference is that this time they exclude immediate family. They are hoping that you and I will surrender our rights by throwing us this little bone.

But you and I cannot let our guard down!

Soon after this legislation becomes law, the government would have a listing of virtually every gun and gun owner in the state.

And if you wanted to sell a hunting rifle to a childhood friend, and forgot to get your government permission slip, you’d be looking at a felony conviction.

You’d lose your gun rights for life!

And there is more!

SF233 opens the floodgates on who can notify the Department of Public Safety and get your name added to “the list” – the list of those who lose their 2nd Amendment rights.

Social workers, guidance counselors, physician’s assistants….shoot, even nurses are now qualified to make these determinations according to this statute!!!

Again, no one wants the criminally insane to be armed. But when the bar is so low that a nurse can declare someone mentally dangerous we are in serious trouble.

Make no mistake, this bill is viable as it’s coming from the Senate, where the gun-grabbers have complete control.

Worse, since it contains multiple measures that you and I would agree with, the gun-grabbers are hoping that the pro-gunners in the Senate will find it hard to object.

We can’t let that happen!

Here’s how you can help.

1. Contact the head of the Education Committee and insist that they DO NOT advance gun control in any format. They are:

*** Herman Quirmbach (D, District 23), Chair, [email protected]

*** Brian Schoenjahn (D, District 32), Vice Chair, [email protected]

*** Joni Ernst (R, District 12), Ranking Member, [email protected]

2. Contact your personal Senator, located here, and make sure they know what you expect of them regarding this dangerous legislation.

3. Forward this to every gun owner you know in Iowa. Encourage them to sign up on our website for our free email alerts.

4. Please, again, consider donating to Iowa Gun Owners. IGO knows how to stop gun control. It takes targeted direct mail, email, media interviews in specific markets, and house to house literature drops in key legislative districts. But it costs money to conduct these programs, and we may have to move fast. Any amount you can give today would be extremely helpful.

Make no mistake, this bill is the most dangerous piece of legislation we’ve seen this year.

The gun-grabbers control the Senate, it’s hidden in an education bill, and it’s surrounded by good portions of legislation.

Help us get the word out by taking action today!

   For Freedom,  
   Aaron Dorr
   Executive Director

   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Gun owners in Iowa are facing their most dangerous attack of the year with the introduction of Senate File 233.

This bill is another attempt to institute complete gun registration in Iowa, giving the gun-grabbers what they’ve always wanted: a list of every gun and gun owner in the state!

In addition, this legislation opens the door wide open to who can flag you as a dangerous person, making it very easy for you to lose your gun rights. Social workers, guidance counselors, physician’s assistant….shoot, even some nurses are now qualified to make these determinations according to this statute!!!

The bill is subtle though, being introduced into the Education Committee. What’s more, as this bill is very broad, there are parts of the bill that are not objectionable. This makes it even more dangerous.

You need to take action today by contacting the committee leadership, listed above, and then your own Senator today!

Also, as IGO ramps up to combat this blatant gun control scheme, we need your help. Please consider a generous donation today of $100, $50 or even just $20 to help us get ready for this fight.