Must Watch: IGO’s Ad on the Freedom Amendment!

The midterm elections are just weeks away.

Besides having the chance to send Joe Biden a message, gun owners in Iowa will have a chance to send gun-grabbers here in Iowa a message, too, by voting on the ‘Freedom Amendment!’

If added to the Iowa Constitution, the ‘Freedom Amendment’ would protect the right to keep and bear arms in our state constitution — preventing liberal judges from overturning our gun right! 

44 states already enjoy these protections against a tyrannical government, but Iowa is not on that list.

That means that a liberal judge could overturn Stand-Your-Ground, Constitutional Carry, or any of the fantastic laws we’ve seen passed here in Des Moines over the last fifteen years.

(This amendment would prevent that from happening. For all of the details on this amendment, watch our video report here.)

And that’s why the Sioux City Journal, the Des Moines Register, the Cedar Rapids Gazette, and every single anti-gun politician in Iowa are busy spreading lies about the ‘Freedom Amendment.

That’s why Iowa Gun Owners is out with a brand new ad, cutting through the lies the Left is telling about this amendment and giving Iowans the facts they need. Check it out here or below.

As a member of Iowa Gun Owners, I know that you already know how important it is that we protect our gun rights in the state constitution. Now we need to reach out to other Iowans!

IGO has a statewide radio buy ready to go, which would make sure that hundreds of gun owners from all corners of the state have the facts about this amendment.

But we need your help to get this ad buy locked in. So please make an immediate donation to help us do that!


If this amendment fails, the spiteful gun-grabbers in Des Moines (who know they can’t stop us in the legislature) will file a lawsuit against our gun rights and try to overturn them.

Help us fight back!

Help us send a message that Iowa stands for freedom and that we’ll never sit back and let the Liberal Left attack our freedoms!

Make a generous donation TODAY!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Every media outlet in Iowa is lying about what the ‘Freedom Amendment’ would do, if it’s added to the Iowa Constitution this fall. That’s why we’ve released this new ad, to fight back!

44 states protect gun rights in their state constitution, but Iowa is not on that list. And that means that our current gun laws from Stand-Your-Ground to Constitutional Carry could be vacated by a liberal judge!  

Please make a donation today — of $100, $75, $50 or $25 — to help us get this ad on the air.