MUST WATCH: Video Update with Rep. Jeff Shipley!

Joe Biden is seething.

He’s lost control of the US House, and with Matt Gaetz hopefully crushing the White House’s chances of working with RINOs in Congress, he’ll have to resort to gun control by Executive Order.

He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again!

Just last year he banned 80% lowers and pistol braces. While these Orders are being challenged in court, there’s no telling the final outcome, and there are no bets to be placed they’ll be entirely overturned.

Thankfully, Representative Jeff Shipley is leading the charge in Iowa to stop Joe Biden by sponsoring Iowa Gun Owner’s Second Amendment Preservation Act! Learn more about this bill by watching the video below.

As you can see, this legislation would prevent Joe Biden from using Iowa police officers as his enforcers here in Iowa!

That’s right: if Joe Biden wants to ban so-called ‘assault weapons,’ he’ll have to send his own Federal Agents to do it!

And we all know he doesn’t have the manpower to do it!

But we can’t wait for this any longer. Every week, Joe Biden continues to threaten the American people with a ban on our guns.

That’s why we’ve prepared for you a PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to tell your Representatives in Des Moines to co-sponsor and vote to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act!


But make no mistake, passing this bill is going to be a major fight. The Democrats are against it. The moderates are against it. Slick law enforcement lobbyists are against it. Soros and Bloomberg are against it.

With session underway, it’s vital that IGO members and other grassroots gun owners flood the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions demanding action on this bill.

That’s why I hope you’ll consider a generous donation to make sure that we have the resources we need to crank up the heat!

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Until Iowa passes the Second Amendment Preservation Act, liberal city police chiefs and state agencies will all too happily destroy our Second Amendment rights the moment they’re given the chance.

Thank you for taking action. Please forward this email and the enclosed video to every gun owner you know.

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

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