Oppose the Semi-Auto Ban in Iowa: Sign the Petition!

“We have to start making radical changes…it’s time to start taking them.”

I was stunned.

This was what Representative Dan Mulbauer (D-Manilla) said this week in an interview with a central Iowa newspaper when talking about the guns that you and I use for self-defense every day.

While the national media and notorious federal gun grabbers are laying the groundwork now to try to pass a new ban on “assault weapons” the anti-gunners here in Iowa are wasting no time either.

And their plan is truly breathtaking in it’s scope.

They aren’t trying to ban “assault weapons” or “Saturday night specials” or some other invented classification of guns.

This time, the Iowa gun grabbers are truly going for broke.

Muhlbauer Anti-Gun2

Using the tragedy in Connecticut as their springboard to jam their agenda down your throats, the Iowa anti-gun forces are GOING FOR EVERY SEMI-AUTO FIREARM IN THE STATE.

Your .22 Ruger 10/22, the Glock 19 your wife carries for self-defense, even the Remington 1100 you use for pheasant hunting – all would be confiscated under this proposed idea.

This proposal goes way beyond the confiscation laws in England and Australia – nations that don’t even have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms!

And that’s not all.

The anti-gunners in the Capitol want to authorize the police to take the guns that you ALREADY OWN, in a retroactive manner.

“Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them,” Muhlbauer said.

If you are as angry about this as I am, take a moment and sign the petition telling Rep. Muhlbauer “NO.”


Of course, this is no shock coming from Rep. Muhlbauer. Like every other elitist in the Capitol he believes that you should be allowed to have a single shot rifle to hunt squirrels or some such nonsense, but consistently votes against bills like Constitutional Carry, Stand-Your-Ground legislation, Pre-Emption Reform and on and on.

We are waiting on an exact legislative proposal to give you more specific details but as you can clearly see – this is the most dangerous situation that you and I have ever faced in Iowa.

Please get ready for a big fight, we are going to need all the help we can get to stop this threat.

Yours for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,
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Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The gun grabbers are making their intentions known, and this time, they are going all the way.

Just this week, Rep. Dan Muhlbauer (D-Manilla) said that he’s going to pursue legislation that would BAN ALL SEMI-AUTOMATIC FIREARMS in the state.

At the same time he said that this law, should it pass, would be retroactive meaning that the police would be authorized to enter your home and seize virtually every firearm that you own.

The moment we get more details we’ll get them to you. Please get ready for this fight. With the Des Moines Register running article after article screaming for gun control after the Connecticut tragedy, this will be a very serious challenge.