Pelosi Targets the Military with Red Flag Gun Seizures!

Last week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rammed H.R. 6395 through the House of Representatives and the bill is now sitting on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk. 

This legislation, known as the Defense Authorization Act, lays out the annual budget for the US Military and must pass every year. 

The inherent political pressure that comes with this legislation gives Pelosi and other America-hating socialists in Congress the ability to pack the bill with gun control — then sit back and dare the Senate or President Trump to stop them. 

And that is exactly what happened.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to target American service members with  ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation by tucking it inside of this 3,470 page spending authorization bill!

And the version of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ that Pelosi has stuck in this bill is as nasty as they come! As passed through the House this bill would:

>>>  Allow a military court to order the seizure of any military member’s (active duty, reserves, National Guard units, etc.) firearms before he has been charged or convicted of anything. 

>>>  Allow anyone that you’ve ever been romantically involved with (or their lawyer) to petition the military courts to seize your firearms. 

>>>  Allow these court proceedings to take place through secret, ex-parte hearings that the service member would never hear about until it’s all over.

>>>  Allow the same judge who issued the original seizure order to automatically renew it every 30 days at his own discretion. 

Once issued, this seizure order would bar the service member “from possessing, receiving, or otherwise accessing a firearm”  — meaning that you would lose all right of self-defense while subject to this order, too! 

This fight is moving to the Senate. 

So please send your email opposing this legislation right away!


How substantial must the claims that are being made against you be before you lose your Second Amendment rights? No one knows.

What standard of evidence will be used in court when your embittered ex is trying to ruin you? No one cares. 

What will happen to someone who makes up an allegation out of thin air just to ruin your career and your life? Nothing!

This legislation is the end of due process — and it’s the end of the idea that we are innocent of criminal charges until proven guilty in a court of law.  

The bill has already passed the House of Representatives with the support of Iowa Congressman David Loebsack and Congresswomen Cindy Axne and Abby Finkenauer. 

That’s why Senator Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst need to hear from you immediately — insisting that they kill this bill


The political pressure behind this bill is enormous, and with so many Republicans in the Senate previously expressing their support for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ — we can’t take anything for granted.

Send your pre-written emails immediately! 

When you’re done, please make a donation of $100, $50, $25 or even just $10 to enable Iowa Gun Owners to keep mobilizing gun owners against H.R. 6395!


For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners


P.S. Nancy Pelosi just rammed H.R. 6395 through Congress. This is a massive 740 billion dollar defense spending bill, meaning that this bill will pass in some shape. 

Tucked inside of this 3,470 page bill is a nasty ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ provision that will apply to the members of the United States military! 

This language is nasty, and if the U.S. Senate does not remove it, countless service members will see their lives and careers torn apart (not to mention being stripped of their firearms) without ever being convicted of a crime!  

That’s why I hope you’ll send a pre-written email to Senators Grassley and Ernst telling them to remove this section of H.R. 6395 or kill the bill outright!


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