Potential Gun Vote Coming up in the Iowa Senate!

Early next week in the Iowa Senate, there will likely be a vote on allowing all school employees to carry concealed weapons on school property.

Iowa Gun Owners supports this legislation, a variation of the legislation that Senator Sorenson sponsored for us earlier this year in the Senate.

While not mandating that school employees be armed, this legislation would allow any employee who wants to carry a gun for self-defense to do so without being in fear of losing their job.

More importantly, your son or daughter, or grandson and granddaughter, would be drastically safer in school whether or not their teacher is armed since criminals would never know which school has armed staff and which ones do not.

As a former cop, I can tell you that the one thing that violent criminals fear more than going to prison is being confronted by an armed citizen who is prepared to do what it takes to defend themselves!

Our children and teachers in Iowa need to have more than pencils and books to throw at violent criminals, hell-bent on accruing a body count.

Already the liberal media and the anti-gun lobby is making a scene about this – trying to scare the Senate into pulling this bill from being voted on in the first place or voting no if it does come up for a vote.

I don’t understand them sometimes. This legislation is CERTAIN to protect Iowa’s most innocent residents, our children, yet some anti-gunners are so calloused they are still opposing this after the tragic incident in Connecticut.

It’s almost like they want to see innocent people murdered so they can advance their personal, liberal agendas!

That’s why it’s vital that you contact your State Senator this weekend and tell him or her that you want their vote on this legislation!

This language will be inserted as an amendment to SF320.

You can locate the name of your State Senator HERE.

In addition, many Senators have forums this weekend which would allow you to talk to them in person and get their public promise of support.

Before you contact your State Senator you need to be aware of a potential threat that may arise. Some anti-gun forces want the language amended to say that employees can carry, as long as the school board authorizes it.

Should this language make it to the Floor, Iowa Gun Owners and its members must IMMEDIATELY withdraw their support!

Gun owners in Iowa know full well the issues we are having in Iowa with cities and counties violating state law in deciding what areas are off-limits to permit holders. Your permit issued in Woodbury County, for example, does not have effect in all portions of Johnson County – whether you know it or not.

As we try to fix Iowa’s pre-emption ordinance, the last thing we need is for 348 separate school districts to be deciding this policy on their own!

So when speaking to your Senator, make sure they know that you want there to be ONE set of standards in deciding who can carry on school ground – not 348.

While the anti-gunners in the Senate may withdraw this bill all together, they may vote on this as soon as Monday. So please contact them TODAY to make sure they know where you stand.

   For Freedom,  
   Aaron Dorr
   Executive Director

   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. In the wake of the shooting in Connecticut last year, Iowa Gun Owners worked with Senator Sorenson to introduce the Iowa Safe Schools Act which would allow school staff to carry weapons on school grounds as long as they were legally eligible to possess a firearm.

Finally, your children and grandchildren’s teacher would have more than just pencils and books to use in their efforts to fight off an armed criminal.

There may be a vote on this language, as an amendment to Senate File 320, as early as Monday – unless the anti-gunners withdraw the bill.

With the anti-gun lobby and their friends in the media already working overtime to kill this amendment, it’s vital that you contact your Senator right away and let him or her know to support this amendment!

You can find your Senator’s name here.

Make sure they know to resist efforts to allow Iowa’s 348 individual school boards decide the standards for who can and who can’t carry as that would virtually guarantee that no one can carry!

Tell them you want one standard, one law, to defend Iowa’s children – not 348