Public Safety Chair Baudler REFUSES Action on Constitutional Carry!

I just walked out of a House Sub-Committee on another gun bill. The air in the Capitol is different this year.

Legislators know that there are elections coming this year and many of them did virtually nothing to advance the 2nd Amendment last year when they had the chance.

Last week the House Public Safety Committee passed out the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground bill that would provide great protections to Iowans who are required to use force to protect themselves or their families.

Another gun bill passed out of Sub-Committee this afternoon. Three more gun bills were assigned to sub-committee recently from the Public Safety Committee.

But the House refuses to take action on Constitutional Carry!

The Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Clel Baudler, has made it very clear that he does not agree that you have the right to carry a gun to defend yourself or your family unless you have paid a fee for a training class, passed the class, paid another fee for the permit, and have your name added to a government database like so many common criminals.

What’s more, he’s trying to use the power of his office to bully the rest of the members of his committee into killing Constitutional Carry again, just like he did last year.

Constitutional Carry is a very simple idea. If you’re legally allowed to own a gun you’re legally allowed to carry a gun. Period. Constitutional Carry is law in a variety of states right now. It just became law in Wyoming last year. Just last month it passed out of the House in New Hampshire by a wide margin.

Why don’t you have the same rights as people in these other states?

Dozens of members of the House and Senate have pledged, in writing, to support this legislation. Many members of the House want to pass it to maintain their promises to their voters.

Still, Chairman Baudler refuses!

Please take a moment to sign our petition to Chairman Baudler, demanding that he stop stonewalling this bill!

Remember, since he is the Chair of the Public Safety Committee, you are certainly a constituent of Representative Baudler.

The anti-gunners are on the run in the Capitol. Late last week while sitting in a sub-committee meeting on a gun bill, one of the most aggressively anti-gun lobbyists in the building made it clear
that her top priority is to KILL Constitutional Carry!

And they are using Chairman Baudler to do it.

This is outrageous!

So, please, take a moment to sign the petition to Chairman Baudler and urge him to stop blocking Constitutional Carry.

clel baudler blocking cc

Then please take a moment to send an email to Speaker Kraig Paulsen.

You see, Speaker Paulsen is allowing Chairman Baudler to kill Constitutional Carry. As the leader, he has the power to advance this legislation. His actions are already taking a toll on his caucus as gun owners in Iowa are starting to mount primary campaigns against incumbent legislators who promised to support Constitutional Carry yet voted against it last year.

Why is he allowing this bill to be stalled?

After all, it was gun owners who came out to the polls in mass last year to support candidates who signed the Iowa Gun Owners Candidate Survey form with 100% pro-gun answers.

It was gun owners who gave the candidates money to win their elections.

It was gun owners who walked in parades and knocked on doors to help elect many of these legislators.

In some cases, members of the House won elections by less than 50 votes. One representative who got a lot of help from gun owners won by just 16 votes!

These incumbents can’t afford to anger pro-gun voters – and their leadership shouldn’t allow this to happen.

So please take a moment to sign the petition to Chairman Baudler and then send a quick note to House Speaker Kraig Paulsen urging him to use the power of his office to ensure a quick passage of Constitutional Carry. You can email the speaker using this address: [email protected].

Please also consider a generous contribution to Iowa Gun Owners. We are fighting day by day to see gun bills advanced and we are aggressively challenging the anti-gunners in the General Assembly who are fighting tooth and nail to kill Constitutional Carry. But we need your help!

Your critical donation will enable us to send out that much more targeted mail and email in these important districts. This will help to stir up more and more grassroots gun owners to insist that their representatives support their 2nd Amendment rights.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The anti-gun Chairman of the Public Safety Committee is refusing to allow Constitutional Carry to move out of “his” committee. This despite the fact that dozens of the members of the House of Representatives won their elections with tiny margins after gun owners mobilized and supported them.

        Baudler’s refusal to support this legislation is in direct violation of his party’s platform and against the wishes of many in his caucus.

        Please take a moment to sign the petition to Chairman Baudler insisting that he support your 2nd Amendment rights!

        clel baudler blocking cc

        Please also consider a donation to enable Iowa Gun Owners to help mobilize as many gun owners as possible in time to make sure we see action on Constitutional Carry.