Radical Anti-Gun Mayor Michael Bloomberg is Setting Up Shop in Iowa!!

I wish I had better news to report.

For months radical anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been talking about his disgust with President Obama over his inability to enact federal gun control legislation.

He’s made no secret of the fact that he’s taking his fight to the state level, announcing that his organization will be active in at least 5 state legislatures in 2014.

As on Monday, that number just went up to 6.

Just last week we learned that Bloomberg’s front group, “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” have registered a brand new political organization right here in Iowa from which they will undoubtedly launch a major offensive against your gun rights just as soon as the legislature convenes in January.

We were already preparing for attacks on our rights since just two weeks ago a criminal madman in Des Moines got involved in a gun fight with police in which over 100 rounds were fired – giving anti-gunners lots of fresh “ammo” in their demands for gun control.

Bloomberg’s arrival changes everything, and I need your immediate help to prepare for this new threat. More on that below.

Anti-gun politicians want desperately to keep their slim hold on the Iowa Senate, pick up the three seats they need to control the Iowa House and seize control of our Governor’s Mansion.

The key, they think, is mobilizing and energizing EVERY portion of their left-wing base. And so they’ve already been working on a plan to get the needed votes together to enact sweeping gun control here in Iowa.

What could we be facing? For starters:

*** So-called “Universal Background Checks.” This is     FIRST on Bloomberg’s agenda. As a former cop, I can tell you the only way to enforce this scheme is to track, trace and register every gun and gun owner in the state with a statewide gun registry. And you and I both know registration is the first step toward confiscation.

*** A state-level so-called “assault weapons ban,”
which targets guns primarily based on looking scary and would most likely ban many firearms commonly used for self-defense and target shooting.

*** Rapid expansion of Iowa’s “mental health database.”

This, by far, will be the toughest to defeat. After all, no one supports guns in the hands of crazed lunatics, but once you dig deeper into the truth behind these scenes, you realize the devil is in the details.

The truth is, these databases are already being used to strip Second Amendment rights from Americans every day.

National estimates show that by 2008, 100,000 military veterans had already seen their gun rights taken away because of similar legislation

Expansion could mean even more veterans, cops — and anyone who ever seeks counseling — could see their gun rights eliminated. In fact, one U.S. Surgeon General said, “46.4% of Americans will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime.”

Do we really want to strip half of all Americans of their God-given right to keep and bear arms?

More than that, do we really want to let some out-of-state special interest lobby from over 1,000 miles away dictate our way of life here in Iowa

Mayor Bloomberg already has regulated or sought to regulate New Yorker’s salt intake, the size of their pop containers, smoking, trans fats and more!

And now he wants to dictate YOUR way of life by destroying our proud pro-gun heritage.

We won’t have much time to act once the session begins – these bills have already been introduced and are collecting cosigners as we speak.

That’s why I need your immediate support to beat back this radical takeover! Please make an emergency contribution of $250, $100, or even just $50 today.

If that is simply not possible, please do whatever you can right away.

With BILLIONAIRES like Mayor Michael Bloomberg focusing on states like Iowa, you and I will be massively outspent.

But if you and I can hold our own while generating tens of thousands of postcards, petitions, and emails from Second Amendment supporters just like you, I’m confident we can win.

Already my staff and I are working on a detailed battle plan to stop these attacks on our gun rights in legislative districts where we can inflict the maximum amount of political damage.

We’ll do this in a variety of ways, including:

>>> Targeted direct mail drops to gun owners in key legislative districts – urging them to mail off pre-addressed postcards to their legislators demanding that they oppose any gun control;

>>> Focused internet advertising – we hope to reach out to an additional 50,000 Iowans this way to add to our grassroots army;

>>> Phone banking – when votes are scheduled we’ll turn up the heat to get every pro-gun Iowan calling his or her legislator letting them know where they stand;

>>> House to house literature drops
– legislators who are waffling will have nowhere to hide when they are getting bombarded with calls from voters across their districts demanding that they vote NO to Bloomberg’s agenda.

The goal is simple: to mobilize a massive groundswell of gun owners who can stand up and tell Mayor Bloomberg to take his radical ideas and his money back to New York.

But for this plan to work it needs to be big.

That’s why I hope you can give Iowa Gun Owners an EMERGENCY contribution today

Working together we shut down gun control in Iowa this year against all odds. We need to do the same thing in 2014.

I hope that you’ll agree that our rights are simply too important to allow an elitist ego-maniac to come into our state and shred our way of life to just satisfy a personal agenda.

Iowa Gun Owners is quite simply the only organization in Iowa that has the will and the plan in place to push back against threats like this.

We will never back down, and we will never give up

But we need your help to make it all happen.

Whatever you can do we appreciate. Whether you can contribute $250, $100, $50 – or maybe even just $20 – please do so right away so we can prepare for what lies ahead.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. After seeing defeat at the federal level, billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced he’s taking his radical agenda to the states.

Just last week, he set up a political organization right here in Iowa!

Universal registration, “mental health” database expansion, bans on modern utility rifles – Bloomberg is planning a full court press on our 2nd Amendment rights.

IGO is already working on a battle plan to fight back with targeted direct mail, massive email and internet mobilization, phone banking and house-to-house literature drops in key legislative districts!

But we need your help to set our plans into motion.

Please consider an emergency contribution of $250, $100, or even just $50 right now so that we can get ready for the most serious attack on our gun rights in a generation.

Whatever you can do will be helpful – just please act today!