Renew Your Support in the 2nd Amendment for 2017!

On November 8, 2016, the people of this country set off the equivalent of a political nuclear bomb in America.

As the results poured in, sneering elitists in the press saw their predictions of a Hillary Clinton presidency proved wrong.

And gun-grabbers’ heads all over this great nation — including right here in Iowa — soon began exploding.

I know you’re aware of what happened nationally. But the results here in Iowa were every bit as earth shattering as I’ll explain to you shortly . . .

I know that every bit of the success we saw in 2016 was because of the support of good folks like you.

So thank you — thank you from the bottom of my heart — for everything you’ve done in support of Iowa Gun Owners over this past year!

And secondly, I need to ask you to keep it up and help ensure the success on election night isn’t wasted by renewing your membership in Iowa Gun Owners for 2017 right away.

It’s time to insist that the self-described “pro-Second Amendment” elected officials Iowans voted into office don’t try to weasel out of their promises to us.

I’m tired of seeing Iowa ranked near the bottom of states across the nation when it comes to our gun laws.

So it’s time to insist on IMMEDIATE passage of:

***  The Iowa Stand-Your-Ground Bill, which would simply state that law-abiding Iowa gun owners can defend themselves against attackers without fear of legal backlash from an anti-gun prosecutor or judge;

  Constitutional Carry, which would restore the right of Iowa citizens to carry a firearm to protect themselves and their families — WITHOUT going through a bunch of bureaucratic rigmarole or adding their name to a government database.

In other words, if you’re legally allowed to own it, you’re legally allowed to carry it. PERIOD.

These reforms are on the march all over the country.

In fact, just in the past two years, Constitutional Carry has passed in Kansas, Maine, Idaho, West Virginia, Mississippi and even in neighboring Missouri.

In Maine, it passed with a Democrat held State House. In Missouri and West Virginia, it passed with a Democratic Governor!

So there’s no reason why legislators can’t pass it here.

And they shouldn’t make us wait around for months either — not if they’re interested in keeping any good will with grassroots Second Amendment supporters.

We all know that politicians crave the power that majorities bring. So we have to be ready. So please, renew your support for 2017 today!

Without Second Amendment supporters, there would be no 30-20 Republican Senate majority today. And there would be no 59-41 House majority.

In fact, the gun issue was THE decisive factor in several of the most jaw-dropping results across the state, including:

>>>  Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal’s (D) earth-shattering defeat in Senate District 8. In office since 1982, Senator Gronstal was the most powerful player in state politics and used that power to stop Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground from even   being voted on in the State Senate.

On election night, Senator Gronstal was defeated by a vote of 54%-46% by Republican challenger Dan Dawson who pledged 100% support for our gun rights.

This, of course, was after a massive campaign from Iowa Gun Owners who used everything from U.S. Mail, to door-to-door lit drops, to Internet and radio ads and even TV ads to get the truth out about Senator Gronstal’s record.

>>>  Senate Judiciary Chairman Steve Sodders’ (D) defeat in Senate District 36. As one of Senator Gronstal’s top lieutenants in the Senate, Senator Sodders used his position as Senate Judiciary Chairman to bottle up pro-gun reforms.

He was defeated by 6% of the vote by GOP challenger Jeff Edler, who pledged 100% support for our gun rights.

This was another district where your generosity enabled us to go “all-in” with a massive election year battle plan.

>>>  Senator Brian Schoenjahn’s (D) crushing loss in District 32. Senator Schoenjahn was another giant thorn in our side — voting to maintain “gun free zones,” kill Constitutional Carry, and refused to support Stand-Your-Ground legislation.

After IGO exposed his record, Senator Schoenjahn was soundly defeated, 60%-40%, by pro-gun Republican Craig Johnson.

All in all, Iowa Gun Owners spent just short of $150,000 on Internet ads, TV ads, and radio ads as well as over 100,000 pieces of mail to expose anti-gun candidates in both houses of the General Assembly.

All six anti-gun legislators that we exposed were soundly defeated by gun rights supporters.

Just as Donald Trump’s win at the federal level has turned national politics on its head, so have these victories here in Iowa.

We’ve proven just how strong we are. And we’ve proven we cannot be crossed without even the most powerful legislators risking their political careers.

I can’t begin to explain how important this is. In my years of working in the Capital, I’ve learned that legislators don’t reward people just because they’re nice.

And I’ve learned that nothing ever moves unless it’s pushed.

The victories we saw on election night will be wasted if we don’t translate them into pro-gun reforms. So now it’s time to push — and push HARD.

So please, renew your support for 2017 now with a donation of $$125, $$75, or at least $$35 right away!

You and I must remember, that for everything we saw happen on election night, there are a few things that haven’t changed.

Legislators aren’t going to stop playing games. They’re not going to stop trying to weasel out of their campaign promises.

They’re not going to suddenly stop being politicians and turn into saints.

That’s why we have to be as tough and as engaged as ever. We have to make sure they know that we will not rest until we get what we want.

You’re a critical part of sending that message. You’re a critical part of Iowa Gun Owners’ winning team.

You see, this organization isn’t run or funded by some out of state gazillionaire.

It was founded by Iowa Second Amendment supporters just like you. It’s run by Iowa Second Amendment supporters just like you.

And it’s funded by Iowa Second Amendment supporters just like you.

So please, when you renew your membership in Iowa Gun Owners, consider “digging deep” by renewing your membership for $$125, $$75, or at least $$35 right away!

Consider being more generous than you have in the past.

You’ve seen the impact your support can make.

In a world of organizations promising wins and delivering nothing, IGO has proven that we can deliver.

Now, I’m counting on you to help keep this winning streak going.

Please agree to your most generous contribution to renew your membership in Iowa Gun Owners IMMEDIATELY!

For Freedom,
Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. With the earth-shattering results of the 2016 elections, I’m more hopeful than ever that you and I can finally pass Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry into law.

The gun issue really delivered here in Iowa. But your support is absolutely critical to FORCING legislators to keep their promises.

That’s why I’m counting on you to renew your membership in Iowa Gun Owners. Whether you can afford $$125
, $$75, or just $$35, please act at once!

Thank you, in advance, for standing with us in 2017!