Republicans in the House Publicly Opposing Constitutional Carry!

In Oklahoma, Constitutional Carry cleared its final committee hurdle two days ago by a vote of 18-4, with two Democrats voting in favor!

In Maine, Constitutional Carry passed just a few years ago and was rammed into law by Democrats who controlled the House of Representatives.

In Missouri, members of the House Democratic caucus voted in favor of Constitutional Carry, when it passed into law in 2016.

But here in Iowa, where House leaders have been publicly opposing this bill for years, Republican lawmakers are now publicly attacking Constitutional Carry law!

Dozens of you have sent us the article from the Clinton Herald, where Republican State Representative Norlin Mommsen came out swinging against Constitutional Carry at a forum last weekend.

Rep. Mommsen gave no reason, he just attacked the bill.

This doesn’t just happen.

If House leaders in Des Moines were fighting hard to move Constitutional Carry — as legislators in South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kentucky are doing right now — rank and file lawmakers like ‘Nutty Norlin’ would toe the line.

Rep. Mommsen believes that he can attack our gun rights and get away with it, which is an ominous sign as we work to pass Constitutional Carry in the House.

You may have missed our email from the other day, where we announced that, buckling to the pressure of over 12,000 emails, House Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl has filed Constitutional Carry law for Iowa.

If you missed that, you can read about it here

On the one hand, we are very pleased to see Constitutional Carry moving forward. In fact, we are already declared in favor of the bill on the legislative website and have urged members to email their lawmakers in support of the bill.

If you’ve not yet sent off your BRAND NEW PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL, please do so at once

On the other hand, we know that Rep. Windshitl has a long history of filing strong gun bills, and then weakening them at the last minute to look ‘reasonable’ to the media here in Iowa.

So we’ll be watching that very closely.

But at the same time, Rep. Mommsen and his leaders in Des Moines desperately need to hear from gun owners!

He, and his legislative leaders, need to know that it is absolutely unacceptable for Republican lawmakers to attack Constitutional Carry — especially when it’s so popular that Democrats all over the country are supporting it!

So please take a moment and call:

>>>   Rep. Norlin Mommsen at (563)357-9826; tell him to apologize

for doing Bloomberg’s work for him, by attacking Constitutional Carry!

>>>   House Speaker Linda Upmeyer at (515)281-3521; tell her to hold

a floor vote on Constitutional Carry law and to get her caucus members
back in line!

>>>   House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow at (515)281-4618; tell him to

hold a floor vote on Constitutional Carry law and to get his caucus
members back in line! 

Gun owners have been pushing for Constitutional Carry law in Iowa for over a decade — and it’s time Iowa lawmakers deliver!

As a reminder, Constitutional Carry is a straightforward concept that would simply let anyone who’s legally eligible to buy a gun carry it without first needing government permission.

No more having to add your name to a government database just because you want to defend your family.

No more having to pay expensive fees or deal with hostile county employees.

No more having to take a government mandated training class as a condition of being able to defend yourself.

It’s just the Second Amendment the way our forefathers intended it and the way gun owners in fourteen other states enjoy it.

With so many other states enacting Constitutional Carry law, with bi-partisan support in some cases, it’s high time that Iowa lawmakers finish this fight and pass it here in Iowa!

Please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL and make your phone calls today.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With our supposed ‘friends’ in the Iowa House publicly attacking Constitutional Carry law, gun owners like you and me need to take action!

Please see the email above to make three quick phone calls today, in support of Constitutional Carry, and send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Representative TODAY!

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