Senator Steve Sodders Booted Out of Office by Gun Owners!

Senator Steve Sodders Booted Out of Office by Gun Owners!

I’ve written hundreds, likely thousands, of emails for Iowa Gun Owners since our founding in January 2009.

But of all of them, this one is the single most pleasurable email I’ve had the privilege of writing.

That’s because it’s my pleasure to announce to IGO members that STEVE SODDERS WAS JUST BOOTED OUT OF THE IOWA STATE SENATE!


For years now, Steve Sodders arrogantly blocked Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry legislation from advancing through his Judiciary Committee.

More, he’s been a constant sponsor of radical gun control including the statewide firearms registry and a new database of every permit holder in the state.

And, at a personal level, Sodders was about the most snobbish legislator I’ve met in the Capitol in 8 years.

Jeff Edler, who defeated Sodders tonight, has gone on the record supporting Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry and opposing all forms of gun control.

That contrast on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Iowans is one of the main reasons that Sodders was bounced out of office tonight and Edler was swept in!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us the ammo we needed to run our program in Sodders’ district!

Every TV ad, every radio ad, all the mail and slicks, and the over 5,200 doors that we left our 2016 Gun Rights Voter Guide on — every drop of that was funded by you

Lots of folks talk the talk, but you guys walk the walk and you stepped up in a major way in this race.

Thank you!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr, Director, Iowa Gun Owners

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director


Steve Sodders’ paid the ultimate political price for his constant attacks on the Second Amendment in the Iowa Senate over the years, as moments ago his eight year run in the Senate came to a screeching halt at the hands of angry gun owners!

As you know, we’ve worked tirelessly in District 36 for 6 weeks now alerting gun owners by email, radio ads, slicks, TV ads, direct mail and by going door to door as we did all last weekend.

And tonight, it all paid off!

But none of what we did would have been possible without your support!

Thank you for giving us that ammo. We used it all to get the word out, and angry gun owners did the rest!


  1. Wonder how Sodders and Gronstal will do now that they can no longer suck off the public’s teat. Perhaps they will have to get a real job and their bosses will be hard-core 2nd amendment guys for payback! We as a country don’t need people in office who do not understand the importance of being free and the sacrifices many of us take on to remain that way, and GUNS made it possible. Sodders and Gronstal here is a small tweet for you all to remember me by, Go to Hell…………………………………………………………………………………….. John Adams.
    Veteran, father, grandfather, and Constitution guy!


  2. great job for those that supported the movement to send the antigunners home!!!


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