Stand-Your-Ground Clears Sub-Committee! Fight Coming!

Just a few hours ago, a Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee moved Stand-Your-Ground legislation along -– setting us up for a full committee vote that may happen fast!

We need you to act fast, as the opposition to this bill is mounting.

The anti-gun hysterics were on full display today during the comment section of the committee meeting as everyone from church groups to medical associations were on hand to try to stop Stand-Your-Ground legislation.

One anti-gun activist said that this bill is a ‘modern day lynching bill.’ Another said that the only people who want Stand-Your-Ground law are ‘white, redneck, racists.’

It was ridiculous.

An army of liberal news outlets and Des Moines Register editorial board writers were on hand too — all of which have been, and will continue to, beat the drum against this bill.

That’s why it’s urgent you contact the members of the full Judiciary Committee right away.

Already Senator Petersen, who opposed the bill in today’s sub-committee, is promising to run a series of amendments designed to weaken and undermine this bill.

(Anti-gun State Senator Janet Petersen opposed Stand-Your-Ground law in today’s hearing and is promising to run weakening amendments on the senate floor.)

At this point, anti-gunners realize that killing this bill isn’t an option -– gun owners made sure of that last fall by decimating the ranks of the anti-gun Senate caucus.

Instead they are working to do everything they can to water this bill down with bad amendments.

We’ve already fought this fight in the House, where Stand-Your-Ground was very nearly gutted by a weak House leadership that had — initially — allowed the important immunity language to be removed from the bill.

So please contact the full Senate committee right away! You can call them, email them, or send them a message via Facebook!

>>>  Senator Brad Zaun
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Dan Dawson
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Rich Taylor
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Tony Bisignano
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Nate Boulton
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Jeff Edler
[email protected]

  Senator Julian Garrett
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Kevin Kinney
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Janet Petersen
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Charles Schneider
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Jason Schultz
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Tom Shipley
[email protected]

>>>  Senator Amy Sinclair
[email protected]

Your message is simple: gun owners have waited long enough for Stand-Your-Ground law. They removed the entire Senate leadership team last fall because they killed this bill.

Now is the time to pass this bill, with no weakening amendments. Feel free to use the email below, if you’d like.

     Dear Senator:

As a member of the Sub-Committee assigned to Stand- Your-Ground law (HF517), I urge you to support it fully with no weakening amendments.

While not changing the laws on when you can use defensive force, Stand-Your-Ground law simply states that I’d no longer have to retreat from a violent criminal before I defend myself and my family.

Almost three dozen other states have this legislation in place — including our neighbors in Missouri who enacted it just last year — and it’s time Iowa do the same.

Please move the bill through your sub-committee right away with no weakening amendments.

Gun owners made their voices heard last fall in Iowa, by unseating half a dozen Senators who had blocked this legislation from advancing in years past.

Please stand with Iowans and advance this legislation right away.


Please act fast — this vote could take place as early as this week! When you’re done, please forward this to your friends and family and insist that they do the same.

We’re on the precipice of finalizing a 6-year battle that will fundamentally alter the way that we’re allowed to defend ourselves and our loved ones here in Iowa!

But we can’t let up on the pressure — please contact the committee TODAY!

For Freedom,

Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Earlier this afternoon, the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee approved Stand-Your-Ground legislation, setting us up for a full Senate Judiciary Committee vote that could happen at any time!

Thank you for your calls and emails to the sub-committee — they made all the difference.

But the anti-gun activists in the Capitol are pulling out all the stops, not to mention spreading lies and disinformation about what Stand-Your-Ground law is.

That’s why it’s essential that you contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee right away using the information above — and urge them to pass the bill with no weakening amendments!

The anti-gun members of the Senate know they can’t stop this bill, but they are hoping to undercut it’s effectiveness with weakening amendments!

So act now, and make sure your pro-gun friends and family do too!