Stand-Your-Ground Law Vote TODAY!

In case you missed our alert yesterday, the vote for Stand-Your-Ground law is taking place TODAY!

That means you have time for one last round of calls into the Senate, something that I hope you’ll do right away.

Your message is simple: SUPPORT Stand-Your-Ground law and OPPOSE any amendments to weaken the bill!

There will be amendments offered and there are definitely attempts underway to undermine the impact of this bill — don’t let that happen!

Former anti-gun Senate Majority Mike Gronstal didn’t give an inch on Stand-Your-Ground law, we have to insist that the new leadership adopt the same policy and not give an inch to the anti-gun minority!

Contact them now at 515-281-3371.

Call now!

And if you are by a computer, tune into our Facebook page for all the latest updates

This is it — our six year battle to pass Stand-Your-Ground law will be decided in the Senate soon.

Call now!