Steve King v. Randy Feenstra

Over the last two weeks, hundreds of gun owners have contacted Iowa Gun Owners asking us about the candidates running in the 4th Congressional District.

Being that it’s a GOP primary race, all of the candidates are professing to be 100% pro-gun.

But as Iowa gun owners know, talk is cheap in politics. And that is especially true during election season when candidates will say anything to get elected.

That’s why Iowa Gun Owners utilizes a candidate survey program that forces the candidates to go on the record for or against the issues that gun owners care about.

Working in the trenches for gun owners for the last dozen years has taught me that when a candidate refuses to sign a candidate survey, he likely intends to betray gun owners once he’s safely in office.

That’s why gun owners in the 4th Congressional District should be very concerned that Steven Reeder, Bret Richards, and Jeremy Taylor have all refused to answer the Iowa Gun Owners candidate survey.

Will these candidates fight against Nancy Pelosi’s Red Flag Gun Seizure agenda? We don’t know…because they won’t say.

Will they oppose a national gun registration, Michael Bloomberg’s top priority, during the next session of Congress? Again, we have no idea because they won’t answer the question.

How about raising the age on firearm sales to 21? Or enforcing a national waiting period on handgun sales? Or banning the AR-15?

Steven Reeder, Bret Richards, and Jeremey Taylor simply refuse to tell us where they stand on ANY of these issues!

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that both Steve King and Randy Feenstra have completed the Iowa Gun Owners candidate survey with 100% pro-gun answers.

This means that they have pledged, in writing, to stand up for gun owners in Washington, D.C. on all of the issues that gun owners care about!

And we don’t ask fluffy questions on our surveys like most organizations do. These are detailed questions about specific policy positions, designed to give gun owners as much information about the candidates as possible.

In fact, you can see our survey and the answers from both Randy Feenstra and Steve King below, listed in alphabetical order!

See Randy Feenstra’s candidate survey here:

See Steve King’s candidate survey here:

As you saw, both of the candidates have pledged to hold the line for gun owners.

But more than that, both candidates have taken the Iowa Gun Owners Leadership Pledge, as well. This means that both Feenstra and King have agreed to lead in the fight for our gun rights by promising to sponsor pro-gun legislation!

Steve King has been doing this for years in Washington, D.C., fighting against the Pelosi gun control agenda while sponsoring pro-gun legislation.

Randy Feenstra has been doing this for years in Des Moines, opposing the gun control bills that Senate Democrats filed, while co-sponsoring IGO legislation for over a decade.

We will have more information coming out about some of the lower tier candidates in this race in the coming days, but for now, I hope that you will share this email with every gun owner you know in the 4th District.

The Second Amendment is under attack like we haven’t seen in decades in this country. We need legislators who will fight to defend it, especially in places like Western and Central Iowa.

Thankfully, in this race, we have two candidates who have stood up for your gun rights in the past and who have pledged to do so in the future.

Please share this with every gun owner you know!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners