Support Constitutional Carry!!

Moments ago, the 2020 legislative session kicked off in Des Moines.

Support for Constitutional Carry is exploding here in Iowa!

In fact, during the opening week of the Iowa legislature, over 4,000 emails hammered the Capitol in support of SF 165/HF 118!

A caucus staffer told me as I walked out of the Capitol late Thursday that, ‘We’ve never seen this many emails on anything in the opening week of any legislative session!’

But with the opening week of session and all of the ceremonial speeches that entails behind us, lawmakers are going to get down to work this week.

And that’s why I hope that you will send off an email right now, insisting that they take action on Constitutional Carry law in 2020!

Constitutional Carry is already law in sixteen other states, including our neighboring states of Missouri and South Dakota.

That means that lawmakers in one-third of the country have already acknowledged that law abiding gun owners should not have to pay fees to the government — or add their name to a government database — to exercise a guaranteed right!

It’s time Iowa lawmakers stop blocking this bill.

The bill has already passed the sub-committee process, but is being held back by legislative leaders who are more concerned about angering the Des Moines Register than they are law abiding gun owners!

So please send off your pre-written email using the link above (along with your phone call, Tweet, and video message) so that lawmakers know that we’re tired of the inaction.

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If you are a member already, please make a donation to help us run our programs as we are spending thousands of dollars per week in online and direct mail advocacy programs as we work to crank up the heat in Des Moines.

Whatever you do, please fire off your emails immediately, then forward this email to a friend!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Over 4,000 Iowans sent emails in to the Iowa Capitol during the first week of the Iowa legislative session in support of Constitutional Carry -– making the Second Amendment the hottest issue in Iowa politics right now!

But that doesn’t mean that lawmakers are going to stop blocking this legislation, not without tremendous grassroots pressure.

Please email your lawmakers again, right now, and make sure they know that this is a priority item for you in advance of the 2020 elections!

After you send your emails, send the link above to every gun owner you know and ask them to send in their email, too!

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