2015 Legislative Session

The 2015 Legislative Session Wrap-Up: Part 3

(This is the conclusion of the 2015 session wrap-up email series from Iowa Gun Owners. If you missed part one or two, you can find them here and here.) And so we urged you to call and email your legislators to oppose this bill – as it created a list of permit holders in Iowa! We knew that some would be angry for this decision, especially since there were so

The 2015 Legislative Session Wrap-Up: Part 2

(This is part 2 in the 2015 session wrap-up email series from Iowa Gun Owners. If you missed part one, you can find it here.) By mid-February, Iowa Gun Owners was rolling hard-hitting radio ads statewide on WHO Radio as well as local stations in Marshall County where Chairman Sodders resides. The same was happening to Majority Leader Gronstal. These ads, funded by you, were making it loud and clear

The 2015 Legislative Session Wrap-Up: Part 1

The fight for gun rights during the 2015 legislative session didn’t begin in January as many assume. For Iowa Gun Owners, this fight began in the fall of 2014. While many organizations get angry at betrayal and anti-gun voting records during the session, almost none have a program in place to hold those politicians accountable at election time to ensure that those politicians pay a price for their behavior. As

The 2015 Legislative Session is Underway - Get Ready to Fight for Your Gun Rights!

Just moments ago, I walked out of the Iowa Capitol after watching the 2015 session officially convene. I have to admit, it was great not bumping into incumbent anti-gun legislators like former State Senator Daryl Beall, former Rep. Pat Murphy, former Rep. Dan Mullbauer – and other anti-gun legislators who were sent packing by gun owners in their districts during the 2014 general election. These FORMER state legislators are a

Gun Owners: Where Should We Fight in 2015?

“BLOOMBERG ANTI-GUN GROUP TARGETS TIGHTER LAWS IN 12 STATES.” That was the headline of a recent article appearing in the Washington Times stating that “gun control groups have turned more to state and local levels to try for legislative successes.” And a spokesman for Bloomberg said they could be involved in legislative fights in as many as 20 states! I guess I could just sit back and hope there’s enough