Constitutional Carry

Mike Gronstal is Gone!

Thirty two years! Mike Gronstal has been in office and voting against your Second Amendment rights off and on for thirty two years! Well, seeing him vote NO on Constitutional Carry, block Stand-Your-Ground law, and work to undermine our gun rights for decades, gun owners in Council Bluffs had enough and booted Gronstal from office tonight in perhaps the biggest upset of the evening! Honestly, I’m stunned. Sure we worked

Iowa: Just Two Weeks Left!

I know that we’ve been putting alerts in your inbox around the clock over the last couple of weeks, as we enter the final 2 week phase of the 2016 election season. Our programs to expose anti-gun legislators in targeted races all over the state are running at close to full tilt. Every weekend for the last month, I’ve been privileged to leads teams of IGO volunteers as we go

Constitutional Carry Law Passes!

Congratulations are in order to Second Amendment supporters in Missouri . . . On January 1, 2017, their state will become the 11th “Constitutional Carry” state in the country. No longer will they be forced to pay a tax to the government or ask their permission or have their name added to a government database (like we have to in Iowa) to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Last week, because

Iowa: Constitutional Carry Needs Your Help!

By now you’ve likely heard all about Senate Majority leader Mike Gronstal and Judiciary Committee Chairman Steve Sodders’ efforts to block SF 137 (Stand-Your-Ground law) from moving forward in the Senate even though it would almost certainly pass and already has 24 co-sponsors. They are feeling tons of heat from gun owners over this, and are nervous about the Fall elections, which is why we are seeing other gun bills

Constitutional Carry is Alive in Des Moines!

I’m just beginning to turn the screws on anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal over Stand-Your-Ground. My first meeting with House Leadership where I insisted on action on this critical bill is now complete. Thanks to your action, the wheels are turning, and I expect to have BIG news to report in the coming weeks… But in such an important election year like 2016 — and Constitutional Carry on the

Will You Help Us Keep These Ads Running In Iowa?

Moments ago, I finished a long phone call with our chief bill sponsor in the Iowa State Senate, Senator Rick Bertrand, about the current status of Stand-Your-Ground law here in Iowa. And I can tell you this, as a result of all your phone calls, Facebook messages, emails, and personal visits with your legislator at weekend forums – the anti-gun members of the Iowa Senate are in a complete tizzy.

Speaker Kraig Paulsen KILLS Constitutional Carry Legislation

The pressure was as high as I’ve ever seen it at the Capitol yesterday as politicians of both political parties were scrambling to figure out what to do with all the calls and emails they’ve been receiving from IGO members in their districts. Their fear was palatable. One legislator with a questionable record on the 2nd Amendment who is facing a primary this June, whined, “I never knew how angry

Vote Coming on Constitutional Carry in Iowa House

Dear Fellow Patriot,                       March 24, 2014 As the 2014 legislative session has worn on it’s become painfully apparent that we don’t have pro-gun leadership in either the Senate or the House. Both chambers are filled with legislators on both sides of the aisle who talk a pro-gun talk but refuse to take action. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being lied to and being used by

Public Safety Chair Baudler REFUSES Action on Constitutional Carry!

I just walked out of a House Sub-Committee on another gun bill. The air in the Capitol is different this year. Legislators know that there are elections coming this year and many of them did virtually nothing to advance the 2nd Amendment last year when they had the chance. Last week the House Public Safety Committee passed out the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground bill that would provide great protections to Iowans who