Mike Gronstal

We're Giving Away Six Glocks!

“Mike Gronstal loses his re-election!” This was the shot heard around the state last November as mobilized gun owners threw Gronstal out of office over his blockade of the pro-gun legislation. Of course, Mike Gronstal wasn’t the only legislator that Iowa Gun Owners worked so hard to expose with TV and radio ads, mail, slicks, social media efforts and more. In all, six of six Iowa Senate incumbents were bounced

Are You Ready to Fight for the Second Amendment in 2017?

Just over a month ago, gun owners unceremoniously booted every single anti-gun legislator who was up for re-election in the Iowa Senate out of office. Mike Gronstal, gone. Steve Sodders, gone. Mary Jo Wilhelm, gone. Brian Schoenjahn, Chris Brase, Thomas Courtney — all gone. It was a fantastic night, and absolutely necessary, as it was those legislators who were directly responsible for crushing Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry legislation.Now, for the

Iowa: It's Our Time!

Like every one of you, I was ecstatic Tuesday night watching the results pour in from all corners of the state. First it was Brian Schoenjahn, a twelve year incumbent. We knew he was taking a beating early on in the night, but we were stunned to see the final vote as gun owners threw him out of office by a margin of 6,197 votes! Next to fall was Mary

Iowa: Just Two Weeks Left!

I know that we’ve been putting alerts in your inbox around the clock over the last couple of weeks, as we enter the final 2 week phase of the 2016 election season. Our programs to expose anti-gun legislators in targeted races all over the state are running at close to full tilt. Every weekend for the last month, I’ve been privileged to leads teams of IGO volunteers as we go

Eighteen Days Left!

I’m going to be very blunt here — I need your help right away. We’re down to the final eighteen days. In eighteen days we’ll know whether or not we have a pro-gun majority in the Iowa legislature. You know the score. Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has ruled the Iowa legislature with an iron fist, crushing Stand-Your-Ground law, Constitutional Carry law, and virtually every other piece of pro-gun legislation

Fighting for Gun Rights House by House in Iowa!

As Irish parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” That’s certainly true where your gun rights are concerned here in Iowa. There was a time when anti-gun legislators were able to attack our gun rights in Des Moines and then tell gun owners that they were ‘with them’ with no one being the wiser. Thanks to the

One Month Left -- Help Us Expose Anti-Gun Legislators in Iowa!

Last year, Democrats, controlling the House of Representatives in Maine, voted to make Maine a “Constitutional Carry” state. Kansas would go on to join Maine later in 2015, passing their own Constitutional Carry law, and with it, making seven states where Constitutional Carry is now law. Earlier this year, Mississippi, Idaho, and West Virginia all did the same thing. Just a few months ago, in May, our neighbors in Missouri

Iowa: Thank These Pro-Gun Candidates!

As this election season is officially underway, Iowa Gun Owners will be hammering on gun grabbing politicians as hard as we possibly can. As they seek to run from their record of supporting radical gun control, they are going to be confronted by the truth as Iowa Gun Owners floods targeted districts with mail, email, radio ads, social media, and more! They need to pay a price for their attacks

What's at Stake in Iowa If We Don't Fight?

I know we’ve been reaching out to you a lot over the last couple of weeks, giving you the facts about where the candidates stand on your right to keep and bear arms, before many of you make decisions on who to support this fall. With early voting becoming an increasingly large segment of the total votes cast, it’s essential that we get this vital information into the hands of

Iowa: Help Us Hammer Anti-Gunners in Other Key Races!

As I told you a few days ago, Iowa Gun Owners is working to expose one of the most notorious anti-gun leaders in the Senate by unleashing our hard hitting radio ad on Senate Judiciary Chairman Steve Sodders. If you haven’t yet told us how many of these ads you’d like to sponsor, please do so now. But it’s essential that we expand this program, that we make sure everyone