Dreadful Anti-Gun Additions to Omnibus Gun Bill - Help Us Stop It!

I really wish it hadn’t come to this. The fight for gun rights has taken a devious and nasty turn here in Des Moines and I need you to read this email and take immediate action to help us stop a wolf in sheep’s clothing – before it devours your gun rights. As you’ll recall, we’ve spent this legislative session fighting to advance and get a vote on Stand-Your-Ground legislation.

Iowa: State Senate Trying to KILL Stand-Your-Ground!

Whether or not our Iowa General Assembly passes Stand-Your-Ground into law this legislative session could very well depend on what happens in the next five minutes. I hate to be this blunt. But I need responses from 100% of Iowa Gun Owners’ members and supporters to help me turn up the heat on two key Iowa State Senators IMMEDIATELY. As you’ll see below, I’ve prepared special petitions to Senate Majority