Temporary Pro-Gun Victory in Dubuque!!

Recently IGO put out an alert informing our members about an impending vote that the Dubuque City Council was going to cast to BAN the sales of all firearms in home based businesses in Dubuque.

Many of you probably know someone like this who works on and sells guns from their home. Oftentimes they are retirees, vets, and just about the most mild mannered people you’ll ever meet.

But the anti-gunners on the City Council in Dubuque were hurrying to ram this vote through because one resident activist was making wildly outlandish statements about the dangers posed by these types of home based firearms businesses.

To bolster her case, this individual had her “Citizens Petition” from people from Dubuque. But when the paperwork was submitted, it was signed by people who live over 1,000 miles away from Iowa!

People like Alicia Batt from Minneapolis, MN, Laura Saxton from Morriston, FL, Shedy Berrios from Jacksonville, NC, and Jeffrey Dodd from New York, NY.

And then there is our office staff’s personal favorite, the petition signed by, “Concerned Citizen, New City, NY.”

I could go on.

This is what the City Council was basing their decisions on.

Of course, this should come as no surprise since the Mayor in Dubuque, Roy D. Buol, is a member of the radical anti-gun organization run by billionaire playboy Michael Bloomberg.

This is the same Mayor Bloomberg from NYC who is trying to ban salt, pop, smoking, and hot weather in New York City! Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Guns” organization is so radical that more and more mayors from around the country are leaving the organization.

But Dubuque Mayor Roy Buol remains a member as of this writing.

However, in a surprise move during the council meeting last week, with 30 IGO members looking on, the council moved to table the vote on this 6-1! Councilman Resnick was the lone no vote.

While trying to claim that this was in no way an attack on the 2nd Amendment, the council referred the matter back to a study group to look at the matter again. So while we’ve won a battle, the war is not over.

What’s not in dispute is the effectiveness of your grassroots activism.

The council made mention of all the calls and emails they’ve received about this overreach, and clearly they were feeling the heat.

We would like to thank IGO member Robert Renne for bringing this to our attention and for being willing to be the point man in Dubuque.

We would also like to thank the 30 gun owners who answered the call to attend the meeting and remind the council of the political price for this attack on our gun rights.

We’ll keep you updated on this, if and when the council decides to take it up again.

You can help IGO stay in these fights and have the ability to mobilize grassroots Iowans for situations just like this by simply chipping in $20. Every single penny raised goes straight to the gun rights fight right here in Iowa

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. The Dubuque City Council was on the fast track to banning all home based firearms businesses and had their final meeting scheduled to seal the deal.

But IGO members and supporters from all over Iowa got involved and called, emailed, and personally spoke with the council members in what is one of the most liberal cities in the state of Iowa and simply reminded them that their actions were not going unnoticed.

When the vote was brought up last week, the council voted 6-1 to table the matter for the time being

Thanks for all of your calls and emails to the council – they clearly paid off.

If you would like to help ensure that IGO can maintain this type of grassroots activism, please consider chipping in $20 right now!