The biggest mistake we could make…

I got involved in the fight for gun rights in December of 2008, right as Barack Obama readied his eight-year war against the Second Amendment. 

And while those were tough years, and we had to fight like hell to stop Obama, I can tell you firsthand that the threats facing our gun rights today are far worse than they were back then.  

The gun-grabbers of 2009 were scared to even talk about banning guns, let alone make it a central part of their campaigns. Today, every member of the Democratic Party is 100% on board with banning, confiscating, and destroying our guns!

On November 8, gun owners will either remind these tyrants that trying to disarm us will cost them their careers — or we’ll send a message that they can attack us without consequences.

That would be the biggest mistake we could make! 

Iowa Gun Owners is all in on this election cycle, flooding the airwaves with digital (and some radio) ads exposing gun-grabbers and reminding gun owners about the ‘Freedom Amendment.’ 

But as you’ll see below, we are still trying to close a budget gap so that we can finalize our radio buy as well as our TV ads!  

Please read the email below and make a generous donation to help us stop gun control dead in its tracks here in Iowa

— Aaron

We’re just two weeks out from the Nov. 8 General Election.

After fighting to defend our gun rights for two years against the Radical Left’s attacks in D.C. (and here in Des Moines), this is our chance to send a message that Iowa stands for freedom!

There are races up and down the ballot where gun owners can make a massive difference this fall. And, of course, the “Freedom Amendment” is on the ballot, too.

What happens on November 8 will either crush the soul of the gun control crowd here in Des Moines or incentivize them to attack with a new vengeance over the next two years. 

Iowa Gun Owners is doing everything we can to blitz the airwaves with a series of ads highlighting these races and what’s at stake if the Freedom Amendment doesn’t pass this fall.   

We’ve funded our digital ad buys thanks to your support and part of our radio ad buy. But right now we’re unable to purchase the rest of our radio time, and we haven’t touched our TV buy!

Time is running out. IGO needs to raise another $19,475 to lock in this airtime — and we need to raise it BY SUNDAY!  

Below you’ll see several of the ads that I am talking about. These are the ads that we need to get on radio and TV before it’s too late. 

Every media outlet in the state is attacking the ‘Freedom Amendment’ and pro-gun candidates on the ballot. This is how we mobilize gun owners to fight back! 

But I must raise $19,475 to lock in the remaining radio and TV spots by Sunday — or we’ll need to forfeit this time!

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Fight back! Take a stand! Help us send a message to Michael Bloomberg and the gun-grabbers here in Des Moines that Iowa will always stand for freedom! 


For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The election is just two weeks away, and we’re working around the clock to make sure gun owners know where the candidates stand and to make sure they have the facts on the ‘Freedom Amendment!’

Our ads are complete. You can see some of them above. But IGO needs to raise another $19,475 to fully fund the rest of our radio and TV ad budget, and we need to do it by SUNDAY

Please make a donation of any amount today and help us send a message that Iowa rejects gun control and that we’ll always stand for freedom